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Tokyo FM (JOAU-FM)
TFMlogo 2020.svg
Broadcast area Greater Tokyo
Frequency 80.0 MHz
Format Top 40 Mainstream
Affiliations JFN
First air date
April 26, 1970
Technical information
ERP 125,000 watts
HAAT 307.5 meters
Transmitter coordinates
35°39′31.01″N139°44′43.52″E / 35.6586139°N 139.7454222°E / 35.6586139; 139.7454222
Webcast [2]
Website Tokyo FM Web site
Headquarters TokyoFMRadio.JPG

Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (株式会社エフエム東京, Kabushiki gaisha Efu Emu Tōkyō, literally Stock company FM Tokyo) (abbreviation:TFM) is a radio station in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It is the flagship station of the Japan FM Network (JFN).



The station's forerunner, FM Tokai (FM東海, abbreviated FMT), owned by Tokai University, was launched on May 1, 1960 as an experimental station (call sign at the time of founding in 1958 JS2AO, changed in 1960 to JS2H. This station closed on April 25, 1970, replaced the next day by Tokyo FM, Japan's third commercial FM-radio broadcaster, after FM Aichi and FM Osaka. In 1985, the station's headquarters moved from the Kokusai-Tsushin Center (later KDD, now KDDI) buildings in Nishi-Shinjuku, where they had been since 1974, to the current location, Koujimachi in Chiyoda ward. The TOKYO FM Midtown Studio, a satellite studio, was closed down on January 15, 2017.



Rebroadcasters of JOAU-FM
City of license Identifier Frequency Power
Niijima N/A76.7 MHz100 watts
Hachijo N/A84.3 MHz10 watts
Ōme N/A83.6 MHz20 watts
Hachioji N/A80.5 MHz10 watts
Hinohara N/A86.6 MHz300 watts



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