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Tokyo International Forum
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Exterior of Tokyo International Forum
Tokyo International Forum
LocationChiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates 35°40′37″N139°45′51″E / 35.67694°N 139.76417°E / 35.67694; 139.76417
OperatorTokyo International Forum, Co., LTD
Architect Rafael Viñoly Architects
Theatre seating
5,012 (Hall A), 1,500 (Hall C)
Enclosed space
  Total space5,000m² (Exhibition hall)
Public transit access JR East :
JY Yamanote Line and JK Keihin-Tōhoku Line at Yūrakuchō

The Tokyo International Forum (東京国際フォーラム, Tōkyō Kokusai Fōramu) is a multi-purpose exhibition center in Tokyo, Japan. The complex is generally considered to be in the Yūrakuchō business district, being adjacent to Yūrakuchō Station, but it is administratively in the Marunouchi district.


Tokyo International Forum was built on the site of the Old City Hall, the former government headquarters which was relocated to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Nishi-Shinjuku.


One of its halls seats 5,000. In addition to seven other halls, it includes exhibition space, a lobby, restaurants, shops, and other facilities.

Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly and completed in 1996, it features swooping curves of steel truss and glass; the outside is shaped like an elongated boat.

Standing between Tokyo Station and Yūrakuchō Station, its address is in Marunouchi, Chiyoda, on the site formerly occupied by Tokyo City Hall (before it moved to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in 1991).

On the first floor, facing in the direction of Edo Castle (now the Imperial Palace), is a bronze sculpture of Ōta Dōkan. [1]

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