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Tokyo Keizai University. Kokubunji campus

Tokyo Keizai University (東京経済大学, Tōkyō keizai daigaku) (Tokyo University of Economics) is a private university in Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan.



It has campuses at the cities of Kokubunji and Musashimurayama. The predecessor of the school (Ōkura Shōgyō Gakkō) was founded in 1900 by the entrepreneur Okura Kihachiro, and it was chartered as a university in 1949.

Academic Rankings


The Best Listing Officer Ranking 40 [2]

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Japan College of Social Work is a private university in Kiyose, Tokyo, Japan, established in 1958. Formerly the JCSW was called Japan School of Social Work and established by the GHQ, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan in 1946. Therefore, the tuitions of the college are the same as other national universities, although being a private university. Government subsidies cover the other remaining costs, except for the tuitions paid by students.

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The "Truly Strong Universities" is a ranking of Japan's top 100 universities by publisher Toyo Keizai released annually in its business magazine of the same name.


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