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Tokyo Kodomo Club (東京こどもクラブ, Tōkyō Kodomo Kurabu), meaning Tokyo Children Club, is an early childhood education program published in Japan in an audio-visual format, distributed monthly on a record. The 7-inch record contained stories and songs, accompanied by a picture book that could be bound in a special folder. The early-childhood education program came in two courses: a 2-4 year old course and a 5-7 year old course. Each of the courses was designed to complete in 12 months. In addition on a quarterly basis, the Club sent out supplemental stories, songs and other music on a 12-inch record. The recitations on Side A were by "Uncle Maeda" (前田武彦, Takehiko Maeda), and on Side B, "Bin-chan" (楠トシエ, Toshie Kusunoki). The records were monaural recordings at 33-1/3 rpm. Presently, the recordings have gone out of print, making their procurement quite difficult.



The programs were designed to familiarize children with stories and songs from around the world, with emphasis on European orchestral works. Main story narration often featured Classical music as a background music in order to help set the tone of the story. The bullets found in the index to each lesson were color-coded: red for the main story, blue for the songs and yellow for the occasional extra story. In the original course series, the main stories and songs were bulleted with a star and the extra stories with a circle. However, in later course series, they switched their bullets to red circles, blue squares and yellow triangles, keeping the same color code as before.

General Courses

2-4 year old Basic Course

UnitSide ASide B
1Introduction: This is Tokyo Kodomo Club
Story: Three Little Pigs
Song: Clinch and Open (むすんでひらいて, Musunde Hiraite)
Song: Cuckoo, Cuckoo
Story: The Zoo (どうぶつえん, Dōbutsuen)
2Story: The Tortoise and the Hare Song: Tulips (ちゅーりっぷ, Chūrippu)
Song: Elephant (ぞうさん, Zō-san)
Song: Kewpie (きゅーぴーさん, Kyūpī-san)
3Story: The Giant Turnip (おおきなかぶ, Ōki na Kabu)Song: Chestnut Rolly-rolly (どんぐりころころ, Donguri Koro-Koro)
Story: The Little Lost-one (まいごちゃん, Maigo-chan)
4Story: The Town Musicians of Bremen Song: Pigeon Coo-coo (はとぽっぽ, Hato Poppo)
Song: Butterfly (ちょうちょう, Chōchō)
Song: Sunset (ゆうやけこやけ, Yū-yake Ko-yake)
5Story: Little Black Sambo Song: Ant on an Errand (おつかいありさん, O-tsukai Ari-san)
Story: County Mouse and Tokyo Mouse
6Story: Roll-away Riceball (おむすびころりん, O-musubi Kororin)Song: Bonfire (たきび, Takibi)
Song: Swish-swish-swoosh (きゅっきゅっきゅう, Kyŭ-Kyŭ-Kyū)
Song: March of the Toys (おもちゃのまーち, O-mocha no Māchi)
7Story: The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids Song: Swing (ぶらんこ, Buranko)
Song: Hen and Chick (にわとりとひよこ, Niwatori to Hiyoko)
8Story: Momotarō Song: Reply of the Good Kids (よいこのおへんじ, Yoi-ko no Henji)
Song: Horses (おうま, O-uma)
Song: Pine cone (まつぼっくり, Matsu Bokkuri)
9Story: Little Red Riding Hood Song: Ladybug (てんとうむし, Tentōmushi)
Story: Harumi and Natsuo (はるみちゃんとなつおちゃん, Harumi-chan to Natsuo-chan)
10Story: Kintarō Song: Crayon (くれよんちゃん, Kureyon-chan)
Song: Let's Play (あそびましょ, Asobimasho)
Song: Dragonfly's Glasses (とんぼのめがね, Tonbo no megane)
11Story: Goldilocks and the Three Bears Song: Crow's Seven Children (七つのこ, Nanatsu no Ko )
Story: Kindergarten of Friendly Animals and Birds (なかよしどうぶつと小鳥の幼稚園, Nakayoshi Dōbutsu to Kotori no Yōchien)
12Story: Hanasaka Jiisan Song: Playhouse (ままごと, Mamagoto)
Song: High-high (たかいたかい, Takai-takai)
Song: The Flower Smiled (おはながわらった, O-hana ga Waratta)

2-4 year old Graduation

Full of Stories (おはなしがいっぱい, O-hanashi ga ippai)
Side ASide B
Baron Munchausen
Swan Prince (はくちょうのおうじ, Hakuchō no Ōji)
Nursing Father (とうさんのかんびょう, Tō-san no kanbyō)
Little Women

2-4 year old Graduate Course

[ citation needed ]

UnitSide ASide B
1Story: Hansel and Gretel Song: London Bridge is Falling Down
Song: Bear Child (こどものくま, Kodomo no Kuma)
Song: Scarab Beetle (こがねむし, Koganemushi)
Song: Rock-Paper-Scissors (じゃんけんぽん, Jan-ken-pon)
2Story: Pied Piper of Hamelin Song: Button Boy (ぼたんのぼうや, Botan no Bōya)
Song: Birthday (たんじょうび, Tanjōbi)
Story: Chieko's Dream (ちえ子ちゃんの夢, Chieko-chan no Yume)
3Story: Emperor's New Clothes Song: Mr. Bunny in the Box (はこのなかのうさぎさん, Hako no Naka no Usagi-san)
Song: Old Man Cobbler (くつやのおじさん, Kutsu-ya no O-jii-san)
Song: Mr. Piggy (こぶたさん, Kobuta-san)
Song: Blocks (つみき, Tsumiki)
4Story: Jack and the Beanstalk Song: Do-Re-Mi [ citation needed ]
Song: Mochi -making of the Mice (ねずみのもちひき, Nezumi no Mochi-hiki)[ citation needed ]
Story: Ganchan's Dream (がんちゃんのゆめ, Gan-chan no Yume)[ citation needed ]
5Story: The Three WishesSong: Buzz-buzz-buzz Busy Little Bee (ぶんぶんぶん, Bun-bun-bun)
Song: Catch a Red Bird (あかいとりことり, Akai Kotori Tori)
Song: Rain-fall Bear Cub (あめふりくまのこ, Ame-furi Kuma no Ko)
Song: Sound of Bells (かねのね, Kane no Ne)
6Story: The Honest Woodcutter Song: Story (おはなし, O-hanashi)
Song: Song of the Mountain (山のうた, Yama no Uta)
Story: Miracle of Fire (火のふしぎ, Hi no Fushigi)
7Story: The Dog and the ShadowSong: A-ha-ha, A-ha-ha (あはは、あはは, A-ha-ha, A-ha-ha)
Song: Tranquil Lakeshore Meadow (静かな湖畔の, Shizuka na Kohan No)
Song: Parrot (おうむ, Ōmu)
Song: Amusement-park Airplane (ゆうえんちのひこうき, Yūenchi no Hikōki)
8Story: The Snow Maiden Song: Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree
Story: Hiro's Adventure (ひろちゃんの冒険, Hiro-chan no Bōken)
9Story: King Midas Has Donkey's EarsSong:Mr. Soap (せっけんさん, Sekken-san)[ citation needed ]
Song:New Home (あたらしいうち, Atarashii Uchi)[ citation needed ]
Song:Potato (じゃがいも, Jaga-imo)[ citation needed ]
Song:First in Being Early in the Morning... (あさいちばんはやいのは, Asa Ichi-ban Hayai no wa)[ citation needed ]
10Story: Cinderella Song: Chick (ひよこ, Hiyoko)
Song: Playhouse (おままごと, O-mamagoto)
Story: Adventures of Shin (新ちゃんの冒険, Shin-chan no Bōken)
11Story: The Adventures of Mouse DeerSong: Odds and Ends of a Child (こどものがらくた, Kodomo no Garakuda)[ citation needed ]
Song: Tiger (とら, Tora)[ citation needed ]
Song: Medicine Bag (おくすりのふくろ, O-kusuri no Fukuro)[ citation needed ]
Song: Lunchbox (おべんとばこ, O-bento-bako)[ citation needed ]
12Story: Ivan the Fool Song: That Dog is Strange (あのいぬへんだ, Ano Inu Hen Da)
Song: Mountain Waltz (やまのワルツ, Yama no Warutsu)
Story: Canary that Flew into the Sky (空を飛んだカナリア, Sora o Tonda Kanaria)

5-7 year old Basic Course

UnitSide ASide B
1Story: The Happy Prince Song: Sea (うみ, Umi)
Song: Frère Jacques
Song: Dangerous Takashi (あぶなかったたかしちゃん, Abunakatta Takashi-chan)
2Story: Old Man with a Wen (こぶとり, Kobu-tori [Jiisan])Song: Cradle Song (ゆりかごのうた, Yurikago no Uta)
Song: Evening of the Seventh (たなばた, Tanabata )
Song: Magical Pocket (ふしぎなポケット, Fushigi na Poketto)
3Story: Puss in Boots Song: Sunset (ゆうひ, Yūhi)
Story: World Travels of Usa and Mimi Rabbit (うさちゃんとみみちゃんのせかいりょこう, Usa-chan to Mimi-chan no Sekai Ryokō)
4Story: Fūren Haze (from Shack Forest) (ふうれんもうろう(ふるやのもり), Fūren Mōrō (Furu-ya no Mori))Song: Koinobori (こいのぼり, Koi-nobori)
Song: Goldfish's Nap (きんぎょのひるね, Kingyo no Hirune)
Song: Tomato (トマト, Tomato)
5Story: Seven Stars (Russian Folktale)Song: Satchan (さっちゃん, Sat-chan)
Story: Word-play (ことばあそび, Kotoba-asobi)
6Story: Straw Millionaire (わらしべ長者, Warashibe Chōja)Song: If Guessed Right, You're Smart (あてたらえらいな, Atetara Erai na)
Song: Ten Little Indians
Song: Camel (らくだ, Rakuda)
7Story: Snow White Song: Gargling (うがい, Ugai)
Story: Counting Game (かずあそび, Kazu-asobi)
8Story: Issun-bōshi Song: Song of the Bird (ことりのうた, Kotori no Uta)
Song: Jump-rope (なわとび, Nawa-tobi)
Song: Spring Came (はるがきた, Haru ga Kita)
9Story: Urashima Tarō Song: Merrily We Roll Along (song)
Story: Akio and Fuyuko (あきおちゃんとふゆこちゃん, Akio-chan to Fuyuko-chan)
10Story: Pinocchio Song: Mail Goat (やぎさんゆうびん, Yagi-san Yūbin)
Song: Clock Song (とけいのうた, Tokei no Uta)
Song: Mr. Moon (おつきさま, O-tsuki-sama)
11Story: The Golden Goose Song: Mountain Musician (やまのおんがくか, Yama no Ongakuka)
Story: Spring Summer Autumn Winter (はる なつ あき ふゆ, Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu)
12Story: The Giant Corn (American Folktale)Song: Chatty Fingers (おはなしゆび, O-hanashi Yubi)
Song: Hungry Song (おなかのへるうた, O-naka no Heru Uta)

5-7 year old Graduation

Overture Collection
Side ASide B
Light Cavalry Overture
Overture to Marriage of Figaro
Die Fledermaus Overture
Overture to Ruslan and Lyudmila
1812 Overture

5-7 year old Graduate Course

UnitSide ASide B
1Story: Seal skin (アザラシの皮, Azarashi no Kawa)

Song: Don't-Know-Child (しらないこ, Shiranai-ko)
Song: Boots (ながぐつ, Naga-gutsu)
Song: Big Ol' Clock (おおきなふるどけい, Ōki na Furu-tokei)

2Story: Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox

Song: Let's Hold Hands (手をつなごう, Te o Tsunagō)
Song: Jungle-Gym Song (ジャングルジムのうた, Jangurujimu no Uta)
Story: Ryūsuke (りゅうすけくん, Ryūsuke-kun)

3Story: The Lion That Wore Glasses

Song: Race with Mom (ママとかけっこ, Mama to Kakekko)
Song: Love to Run (はしるのだいすき, Hashiru no Dai-suki)
Song: Shepherd's Daughter (ひつじかいのむすめ, Hitsuji-kai no Musume)
Song: Amaryllis (アマリリス, Amaririsu)

4Story: Ugly Duckling

Song: On the bridge of Avignon (アビニョンばしで, Abinyon-bashi de)
Song: Slide (すべりだい, Suberi-dai)
Story: Belly of the Earth (ちきゅうのおなか, Chikyū no O-naka)

5Story: The Canterville Ghost

Song: The Boy Writes (ぼうやがかいた, Bōya ga Kaita)
Song: If Mama Was a Baby (ママがあかちゃん, Mama ga Aka-chan)
Song: Little "I dunno" (わからんちゃん, Wakaran-chan)

6Story: Little Lord Fauntleroy

Song: Teeter-Totter (ぎっこんばったん, Gikkon-battan)
Song: Don't Be Angry (おこりっこなしよ, Okorikko Nashi yo)
Story: Let's Eat It All (なんでもたべよう, Nandemo Tabeyō)

7Story: Gulliver's Travels

Song: Aunt Michelle (ミシェルおばさん, Misheru O-ba-san)
Song: I've Been Working on the Railroad
Song: Doctor Eisenbart
Song: Cowboy's Yodel (うしかいのヨーデル, Ushikai no Yōderu)

8Story: The Merchant of Venice

Song: Rocket (ロケット, Roketto)
Song: The Old Gray Mare
Story: Electric Path (でんきのみち, Denki no Michi)

9Story: Heidi

Song: Friendship Song (ともだちのうた, Tomodachi no Uta)
Song: Tottotoko (トットトコ, Tottotoko)
Song: Scissor Grinder (はさみとぎ, Hasami-togi)
Song: My Bella Bimba (わたしのベラビンバ, Watashi no Bera-binba)

10Story: Julia and Latos (ユリアとラトス, Yuria to Ratosu)

Song: Drops Song (ドロップスのうた, Doroppusu no Uta)
Song: Wonderful Papa, Charming Mama (すてきなパパ おしゃれなママ, Suteki na Papa, Oshare na Mama)
Story: Sky Journey (そらのたび, Sora no Tabi)

11Story: Bluebeard

Song: Balloon that Climbed Up to the Sky (そらへのぼったふうせん, Sora e Nobotta Fūsen)
Song: Found a Do-gooder (いいやつみつけた, Ii-yatsu Mitsuketa)
Song: At the Tangerine Orchard (みかんばたけで, Mikan-batake de)
Song: March of the Sea (うみのマーチ, Umi no Māchi)

12Story: Noah's Ark

Song: Spring Breeze (はるのかぜ, Haru no Kaze)
Song: Blue Sky Song (あおいそらのうた, Aoi Sora no Uta)
Story: Toy Rockette (おもちゃのロケット, Omocha no Roketto)

Quarterly supplements

Seasons series

UnitSide ASide B
Autumn (あき, Aki)
Song: Fall, Fall! (ふれー・ふれー, Furē–Furē)Song: Song of Falling Leaves (おちばのうた, Ochiba no Uta)
Song: Maple (もみじ, Momiji)Story: The Tiny Violin (ちいさなばいおりん, Chiisa na Baiorin)
Song: Chestnut Nut Boy (くりのみぼうや, Kuri-no-mi Bōya)Song: Cricket (こおろぎ, Kōrogi)
Song: Dragonfly (とんぼ, Tonbo)Song: Insect Voices (むしのこえ, Mushi no Koe)
Winter (ふゆ, Fuyu)
Story: The Little Match Girl Song: Snow (ゆき, Yuki)
Song: New Years (おしょうがつ, O-shougatsu)Song: Snowman (ゆきだるま, Yuki-daruma)
Song: Stare-down (にらめっこ, Niramekko)Song: Icicle Measurements (つららのせくらべ, Tsurara no Se-kurabe)
Song: Song of the Kite (たこのうた, Tako no Uta)Song: Bean-toss (まめまき, Mame-maki)
Song: Jingle Bells
Song: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Song: Joy to the World
Song: O Tannenbaum
Song: Silent Night
Spring (はる, Haru)
Song: Spring, Come! (はるよこい, Haru yo Koi)Singing lessons
Song: Spring Came (はるがきた, Haru ga Kita)Story: The White Carousel-horse (しろいもくば, Shiroi Mokuba)
Song: Nightingale (うぐいす, Uguisu)
Song: Cherry-blossom (さくらさくら, Sakura Sakura)
Song: It Opened, It Opened (ひらいたひらいた, Hiraita Hiraita)
Song: Koinobori (こいのぼり, Koi-nobori)
Song: Swish-swish-swoosh (きゅっきゅっきゅう, Kyŭ-Kyŭ-Kyū)
Song: Springbrook (はるのおがわ, Haru no Ogawa)
Summer (なつ, Natsu)
Song: Story of Natchan (なっちゃんのおはな, Nat-chan no O-hanashi)Story: Thumbelina
Song: Star (おほしさま, O-hoshi-sama)Singing lessons
Song: Song of the garden (おにわのうた, O-niwa no Uta)
Song: Water-play (みずあそび, Mizu-asobi)
Song: Frog Chorus (かえるのがっしょう, Kaeru no Gasshō)
Song: Fireworks (はなび, Hanabi)
Song: Snail (かたつむり, Katatsumuri)
Song: Story of the watermelon (すいかちゃんのおはなし, Suika-chan no O-hanashi)

The Purple Flowers

The Purple Flowers: Mother who Fell Ill (むらさきのはな:びょうきになったおかあさん, Murasaki no Hana: Byōki ni natta O-kā-san)

Side ASide B
Song: Bear Climbed over the Mountain Song: Mom is Busy (かあさんはいそがしい, Kā-san wa Isogashii)
Song: Meadow March (そうげんのマーチ, Sōgen no Māchi)Singing lessons
Song: Mary Had a Little Lamb
Song: Picnic (ぴくにっく, Pikunikku)
Song: Song of a Bird (ことりのうた, Kotori no Uta)
Song: Brahms' Lullaby
Song: Found It! (みーつけた, Mītsuketa)

Let's sing with Dad

Let's sing with Dad (おとさんとうたいましょう, O-tō-san to Utaimashō)

Side ASide B
Story (1)Story (3)
Story (2)Song: Hol-di-li-di-a (ホルディリディア, Horudiridia)
Song: Sur le pont d'Avignon
Song: Sōran-tune (そうらんぶし, Sōran bushi)
Song: Itsuki Lullaby (いつきのこもりうた, Itsuki no Komori-Uta)
Song: At Uncle's Pastures (おじさんのまきばで, O-ji-san no Makiba de)
Song: Li'l Eel, Li'l Carp (どじょっこふなっこ, Dojokko Funakko)
Song: Egg and the Chicken (タマゴとニワトリ, Tamago to Niwatori)
Song: Folktune from Kagoshima (かごしまおはらぶし, Kagoshima Ohara-bushi)
Song: The Sea (うみ, Umi)

Uncle's Pastures

Uncle's Pastures (おじさんのまきばで, O-ji-san no Makiba)

Side ASide B
Story: Uncle's Pastures (おじさんのまきばで, O-ji-san no Makiba)Story: Yuka's Shopping (ゆかちゃんのおかいもの, Yuka-chan no O-kaimono)
Song: I've Been Working on the Railroad Song: Let's Go For A Stroll (おさんぽしよう, Osampo shiyou)
Song: Summer Mountain (なつのやま, Natsu no Yama)Song: Good Friend (いいなともだち, Ii na Tomodachi)
Song: Song For a Rainy Day (あめふりのひのうた, Ame-furi no Hi no Uta)Song: Flower Ring (はなのまわりで, Hana no Mawari de)
Song: Moo Moo Cow (もうもううしさん, Mou-mou Ushi-san)Song: Clip-clop Clatter-clatter (Poka-Poka Teku-Teku)
Song: Just One More Lullaby (もーつあるとのこもりうた, Mo-hitotsu Aru to no Komori-uta)
Song: Gleaming Star (ちかちかおほしさま, Chika-chika O-hoshi-sama)

Kodomo Concert Hall

The Kodomo Concert Hall series were recordings of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra.

UnitSide ASide B
Kodomo Concert Hall No. 1:
Introduction to the Orchestra
(オーケストラ入門, Ōkesutora Nyūmon)
1. Tchaikovsky: Mazurka
2. Strauss: Radetzky March
3. Bizet: Carmen, Act 1, Prelude
4. Rodgers: Do-Re-Mi
1. Brahms: Hungarian Dances
2. Schubert: Three Marches Militaires, March No. 1 in D major, 2nd movement
3. Bizet: L'Arlésienne, Suite No. 2, 4th movement: Farandole
4. Strauss: Tales from the Vienna Woods
Kodomo Concert Hall No. 2 Swan Lake
Kodomo Concert Hall No. 3Around the World in Music (音楽せかいめぐり, Ongaku Sekai-meguri)
Kodomo Concert Hall No. 4A Musical play: Maya the Bee
Kodomo Concert Hall No. 5 The Nutcracker
Kodomo Concert Hall No. 6 Peter and the Wolf
Kodomo Concert Hall No. 7Full of Fun Sounds (たのしいおとがいっぱい, Tanoshii Oto ga Ippai)

Uncle Kōji's Story Bag

Uncle Kōji's Story Bag (コージおじさんのおはなしぶくろ, Kōji ojisan no Ohanashibukuro)

Story Bag No. 1: Why is the Ocean Salty? (うみのみずはなぜしおからいか, Umi no Mizu wa Naze Shio-karai ka)
Story Bag No. 2: Snow Woman (ゆきおんな, Yuki-onna)
Story Bag No. 3: Happy Flowers (しあわせのはな, Shiawase no Hana)
Story Bag No. 4: Cinderella of the Southern Isles (みなみのしまのシンデレラ, Minami no Shima no Shinderera)
Story Bag No. 5: Egg Number Three (たまごさいばん, Tamago San-ban)
Story Bag No. 6: Sun-shine and the Golden Chain (おてんとうさんときんのくさり, Otentō-san to Kin no Kusari)
Story Bag No. 7: Table-cloth from the North-wind (きたかぜくれたテーブルかけ, Kita-kaze Kureta Tēburu-kake)
Story Bag No. 8: Nightingale's Home (うぐいすのさと, Uguisu no Sato)

Sing in English Group

The Tokyo Kodomo Club issued two courses of children’s songs in English for the Japanese audience in the Sing in English Group (英語で歌う会, Ei-go de Utau Kai) series. These songs were sung by Esther Ghan and her children. The Let’s Sing English Songs (英語で歌いましょう, Ei-go de Utaimashō) course was designed similarly to their Japanese courses, where the lesson units were distributed monthly on a record. Each of the courses was designed to complete in 12 months, with the course set spanning two years. For the older children, Folk-album for All (みんなのフォーク・アルバム, Minna no Fōku-arubamu) in a set of six lesson units and a Christmas supplement were provided. It also spanned over two years.

Let’s Sing English Songs (1)

UnitSide ASide B
1Ten Little Indians(same as Side A)
2Are You Sleeping ?(same as Side A)
3London Bridge(same as Side A)
4 Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? (same as Side A)
5A Tisket, a Tasket(same as Side A)
6 The Bear Went Over The Mountain (same as Side A)
7My Bonnie(same as Side A)
8Sailing, SailingLovely May
9The Mulberry Bush(same as Side A)
10Mary Had a Little Lamb(same as Side A)
11Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star(same as Side A)
12Hush, Little Baby(same as Side A)

Let’s Sing English Songs (2)

UnitSide ASide B
1Six Little Ducks(same as Side A)
2Three Blind Mice(same as Side A)
3The Little Skunk(same as Side A)
4Simple Simon(same as Side A)
5 Brother, Come and Dance with Me (same as Side A)
6Sweetly Sings the Donkey(same as Side A)
7Billy Boy(same as Side A)
8Row, Row, Row Your BoatMerrily We Roll Along
9The Muffin Man(same as Side A)
10Pop Goes the Weasel(same as Side A)
11Looby Loo(same as Side A)
12Three Little Kittens(same as Side A)

Folk-album for All (1)

UnitSide ASide B
1Happy Birthday to YouWhen The Saints Go Marching In
2 Puff, the Magic Dragon Danny Boy
3You Are My SunshineGreensleeves
4Long, Long AgoCradle Song
5Do - Re - Mi Waltzing Matilda
6The Camptown Races Sipping Cider Through a Straw
X'masWe Wish You a Merry Christmas
Jingle Bells
Silent Night
Auld Lang Syne

Folk-album for All (2)

UnitSide ASide B
1Michael, Row the Boat AshoreRock a Bye, Baby
2Did You Ever See a Lassie?The Blue Bells of Scotland
3To Market, to MarketAura Lee
4Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young CharmsAnnie Laurie
5Hey, Diddle, DiddleEarly One Morning
6The Man On The Flying TrapezeHush - A -Bye
XmasSanta Claus Is Comin' to Town
Deck the Halls
The Twelve Days of Christmas


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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Rokusuke Ei</span>

Rokusuke Ei was a Japanese lyricist, composer, author, essayist, and television personality of Chinese descent.

Hideaki Ito is a Japanese actor.

Richard H. Minear is a retired Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He taught a survey course of Japanese history and a Hiroshima seminar. Minear got his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1968. He is best known for his book about the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, Victors' Justice, He has lived in Japan for many years and translated Japanese works into English.

<i>Monogatari</i> (series) Japanese light novel and anime series

Monogatari is a Japanese light novel series written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Vofan. The plot centers on Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student who survives a vampire attack and finds himself helping girls involved with a variety of apparitions, deities, ghosts, beasts, spirits, and other supernatural phenomena, which often serve as proxies for their emotional and mental issues. Between November 2006 and August 2021, Kodansha published 28 volumes in the series under its Kodansha Box imprint. All of the series' story arcs share the common title suffix -monogatari (物語).

The Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. is a publishing house with headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Its product range is centered on foreign language—mainly English—dictionaries and textbooks. The name, Kenkyūsha, can be translated as "study/research company".

Kyōhei Tsutsumi, was a Japanese composer, record producer and arranger.

"Time Machine Nante Iranai" is the third solo single by former AKB48 headliner Atsuko Maeda; it was released in Japan on September 18, 2013. It is the first single she has released since she formally left AKB48. She first performed the song at an AKB48 concert in Sapporo Dome where she made a special guest appearance.

Esther Ghan Firestone was the first female cantor in Canada, although she was not ordained. She began as a cantor in the mid-1950s at Toronto’s Temple Beth-El, and worked in Toronto at Temple Beth-El, Temple Emanu-El (1977), and later at Congregation Habonim Toronto from 1985 until some time in 2015. She was also a member of Kol Nashim, a sextet of female lay cantors founded in 1987.

<i>To Be Hero</i>

To Be Hero (凸变英雄) is a Japanese-Chinese animated comedy television series produced by Emon and animated by Studio LAN and supervised by Shinichi Watanabe. The production was produced in China, with modifications to the show for the Japanese broadcast. The show premiered on the same day on October 5, 2016, on Tokyo MX in Japan, and on a video sharing website bilibili in China. The anime has been licensed by Crunchyroll for its online release.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Crazy Crazy / Harajuku Iyahoi</span> 2017 single by Yasutaka Nakata featuring Charli XCX and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

"Crazy Crazy / Harajuku Iyahoi" is the first physical single by Japanese producer and Capsule member Yasutaka Nakata, and as well as the 13th single by Japanese model-singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, released on January 18, 2017. The single was released in both CD and digital editions, also marking their first split single. It is also marked as the first collaboration single with British singer and songwriter Charli XCX.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Kōki (model)</span> Japanese model, songwriter (born 2003)

Mitsuki Kimura, known professionally as Kōki, is a Japanese model and songwriter.

<i>Kamen Rider Saber</i> Japanese television drama

Kamen Rider Saber is a Japanese tokusatsu drama, the 31st entry of Toei Company's Kamen Rider franchise, and the second series to debut during the Reiwa period. The series premiered on September 6, 2020, joining Mashin Sentai Kiramager, and later, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger in the Super Hero Time line-up after the finale of Kamen Rider Zero-One before being succeeded by Kamen Rider Revice on September 5, 2021. The series is notable for its use of a fantasy setting, along with its storybook theming.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tsubame (song)</span> 2021 single by Yoasobi

"Tsubame" is a song recorded by Japanese duo Yoasobi, featuring special group Midories, from their second EP, The Book 2. It was released on October 25, 2021, through Sony Music Entertainment Japan, as a stand-alone digital single. It features as a theme song of NHK's SDGs children television program series Hirogare! Irotoridori.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Michiyo Azusa</span> Japanese singer and actress (1943–2020)

Michiyo Azusa was the stage name of Michiyo Hayashi(林美千代), a Japanese singer and actresses known for her 1963 song Konichiwa Akachan, or Hello Baby. Born in Fukuoka, Hayashi trained at the Takarazuka Music School, adopting her stage name when she started her singing career. As well as hits like Konichiwa Akachan, Futari De Osake Wo and Merankorī, she performed in a number of musical films, including Dorufutzzau desu yu! Zen'in Totsugeki of 1969, and continued to produce music into the 1990s, performing Konichiwa Akachan at the 1992 Kōhaku Uta Gassen. Her music spanned a wide range of styles from tango to J-pop.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Natsue Washizu</span> Musical artist

Natsue Washizu, professionally also known as Kurumi Kobato, is a Japanese academic, translator, children's singer, actress, television personality and voice actress.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Happy Christmas/Heiwa/Miracle</span> 2016 single by Ai

"Happy Christmas/Heiwa/Miracle" is a triple a-side single by Japanese-American singer-songwriter Ai, released November 2, 2016, by EMI Records. The release served as her first physical single since "Voice" and was her first triple a-side single.