Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

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Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
Tokyo Taiikukan Japan.jpg
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
Location Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Public transit JR East :
JB Chuo-Sobu Line at Sendagaya
Toei Subway :
E Ōedo Line at Kokuritsu-kyogijo
OwnerTokyo Metropolitan Government
Capacity 10,000
Broke ground1952
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Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (東京体育館, Tōkyō Taiikukan) is a sporting complex in Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Built in 1954 for the World Wrestling Championship, it was also used as the venue for gymnastics at the 1964 Summer Olympics, and hosted the table tennis competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics. [1] The gymnasium was rebuilt to a futuristic design created by Pritzker Prize winner Fumihiko Maki from 1986 to 1990.

The gymnasium is a one-minute walk from Sendagaya Station on the Chūō-Sōbu Line and Kokuritsu Kyogijo Station on the Toei Oedo Line.

Description and events

The main arena includes a large indoor arena that hosts national and international sporting events. The arena holds 10,000 people (6,000 fixed, 4,000 temporary). An incomplete list of events held in the arena include:

Since 2000, the arena has also been used as a concert venue. The first artist to perform there was the Japanese group Porno Graffitti.

The sub-arena houses an olympic size (50mX20m, eight lanes) swimming pool with seating for 900 people. The Japan Waterpolo Championships is held here. There is also a 25m pool (25mX13m, 6 lanes), an outdoor oval running track; a weight training room, and conference rooms.

Since April 1, 2006, the Tokyo Lifelong Learning and Culture Foundation (東京都生涯学習文化財団), along with Suntory (サントリー株式会社), Tipness (株式会社ティップネス) and O-ence (株式会社オーエンス), manage the gymnasium.

On April 25 and 26, 2015, American singer-songwriter Katy Perry brought The Prismatic World Tour to the venue with two shows.

On July 8 and 9, 2023, South Korean singer Taeyeon brought 2023 Taeyeon Concert - 'The ODD of LOVE' in Japan to the venue with two shows. [4]


From June 1, 2006, the fees for use of the facilities will be:

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