Tokyo Metropolitan Subway Construction Company

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Tokyo Metropolitan Subway Construction Co., Ltd. (東京都地下鉄建設株式会社, Tōkyō-to Chikatetsu Kensetsu Kabushiki-gaisha) or Tokyo Subway is a third-sector organization with funding from the government of Tokyo and others. In Japanese, its name is often shortened to Chikaken (地下建). It was established on July 28, 1988, for projects related to the construction of the Toei Oedo Line. It was capitalized at 3 billion yen, including 2 billion from the government of Tokyo.

In 2004, it reported debts exceeding 527 billion yen.


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The Tokyo Metro is a major rapid transit system in Tokyo, Japan. While it is not the only rapid transit system operating in Tokyo, it has the higher ridership among the two subway operators: in 2014, the Tokyo Metro had an average daily ridership of 6.84 million passengers, while the other system, the Toei Subway, had 2.85 million average daily rides. The company replaced the Teito Rapid Transit Authority, commonly known as Eidan or TRTA, on April 1, 2004.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation, also known as Toei (都営), is a bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government which operates public transport services in Tokyo. Among its services, the Toei Subway is one of two rapid transit systems which make up the Tokyo subway system, the other being Tokyo Metro.

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Toei or Tōei may refer to:

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