Tokyo Shōnen

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Tokyo Shōnen
Origin Kyoto, Japan
Genres Pop rock, new wave
Years active1988–1991
Labels Victor Entertainment
Past members Michiru Sasano
Katsuhito Teshirogi
Hideo Nakamura
Akira Minakami

Tokyo Shōnen (東京少年, Tōkyō Shōnen) was a Japanese rock band, active from 1988 until 1991.



Sasano is female. All other members are male.


Despite its name literally meaning "Tokyo Boys", the band was founded in 1988 by Sasano, when she was still a student of Doshisha University in Kyoto. All the lyrics were written by Sasano. She composed all the songs at first, but other members also composed later songs. Their songs were often treated as a sort of idol style girl pop. However, the band was heavily influenced by new wave music bands, such as U2 or XTC. They released their first album on November 21, 1988. They had released 5 albums, 2 best of compilations, and 7 singles. After the release of their final album on August 21, 1991, the band dissolved. The former members are still active in music industry.





All videos were shot by Shunji Iwai.

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