Tokyo Sports Film Award

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Tokyo Sports Film Award
Awarded forExcellence in film making
Presented byTokyo Sports
First awarded1991
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The Tokyo Sports Film Award (東京スポーツ映画大賞, Tōkyō Supōtsu Eiga Taishō) are film-specific prizes awarded solely by the Tokyo Sports .



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Rie Miyazawa

Rie Miyazawa is a Japanese actress and former fashion model and singer. She has done glamour modeling too, having released four photobooks. She is also well known as the former fiancé of sumo wrestler Takanohana, to whom she was engaged for two months, and for her years of fighting anorexia nervosa.

Yuko Takeuchi Japanese actress

Yūko Takeuchi was a Japanese actress. She is known for her roles in television series Asuka (1999), Pride (2004), FlashForward (2009), and Miss Sherlock (2018) as well as films such as Ring (1998), Yomigaeri (2003), and Dog in a Sidecar (2007).

Kyoko Fukada Japanese actress and singer

Kyoko Fukada is a Japanese actress and singer. She is represented by the agency Horipro. In Japan, her name is sometimes contracted to the nickname Fukakyon. She won the award for Best Actress at the Yokohama Film Festival for Kamikaze Girls.

Masami Nagasawa Japanese actress and model

Masami Nagasawa is a Japanese actress and model. She won several awards, including a Japan Academy Prize, a Mainichi Film Award and a Blue Ribbon Award.

The Blue Ribbon Awards are film-specific prizes awarded solely by movie critics and writers in Tokyo, Japan.

Juri Ueno Japanese actress

Juri Ueno is a Japanese actress. She first gained recognition in the 2005 film Swing Girls where she was a recipient of Newcomer of the Year prize at the Japanese Academy Awards. Ueno achieved mainstream success for playing the titular role in the live-action adaptations of manga Nodame Cantabile for which she won Best Lead Actress at the 51st Television Drama Academy Awards in 2007. She further gained acclaim with her role in the television series Last Friends for which she won Best Supporting Actress at the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix and the 57th Television Drama Academy Awards in 2008.

Kōichi Satō (actor) Japanese actor

Koichi Sato is a Japanese actor. He is the son of veteran Japanese actor Rentarō Mikuni.

Yoshiko Mita is a Japanese actress. Born in the city of Osaka, she graduated from Joshibi High School of Art and Design in Suginami, Tokyo. In 1960, she was hired by Toei and made her acting debut. She remained with Toei until 1967, then became free to appear in films, on television, and on the stage. Her performance in the film W no higeki earned the Japan Academy Prize for Best Supporting Actress in 1986. From 1991 to 1994, she topped Japan's official list of taxpayers in the Actors and Celebrities category.

The Seiyu Awards are award ceremonies for the recognition of voice acting talent for outstanding performance in anime and other media in Japan. The first Seiyu Awards were held on March 3, 2007 at the 3D Theatre of the Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara.

Okoge is a gay-themed Japanese film written and directed by Takehiro Nakajima, released in 1992. It is also a common slang term.

Isuzu Yamada

Isuzu Yamada was a Japanese actress whose career on stage and screen spanned eight decades.

<i>Kinema Junpo</i>

Kinema Junpo, commonly called Kinejun (キネ旬), is Japan's oldest film magazine and began publication in July 1919. It was first published three times a month, using the Japanese Jun (旬) system of dividing months into three parts, but the postwar Kinema Junpō has been published twice a month.

The Hochi Film Award are film-specific prizes awarded by the Hochi Shimbun.

The Nikkan Sports Film Award are film-specific prizes awarded solely by the Nikkan Sports.

<i>Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad</i>

Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad is a 2007 Japanese film directed by Joji Matsuoka. The film is adapted from the best selling autobiography of Lily Franky, a Japanese novelist, actor, illustrator, designer, musician and photographer. The young Eiko is played by Yayako Uchida, the daughter of actress Kirin Kiki who plays Eiko as an old woman. The film was chosen as the Best Film of 2008 at the Japan Academy Prize ceremony.

Spellbound is a 1999 Japanese film directed by Masato Harada.

Tori Matsuzaka is a Japanese actor and model. He debuted as Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Since then, he has appeared in several television shows and films.

The International Drama Festival in Tokyo, is an annual award show for excellence in television drama production based in Tokyo, Japan. It is organized by the International Drama Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee and co-organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and held every October. The award is called the "Tokyo Drama Award".

The 8th Japan Film Professional Awards (第8回日本映画プロフェッショナル大賞) is the 8th edition of the Japan Film Professional Awards. It awarded the best of 1998 in film. The ceremony took place on April 17, 1999, at Theatre Shinjuku in Tokyo.