Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

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Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
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Koganei Campus East Gate
Former names
Tokyo Sen'i Senmongakkō
Tokyo Nōrin Semongakkō
Type Public (National)
President CHIBA Kazuhiro [1]
Academic staff
394 (May 2019) [2]
Administrative staff
209 [2]
Students5,705 (May 2020) [3]
Undergraduates 3,784
Postgraduates 1,921
Location, ,
Campus Urban

The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (東京農工大学, Tōkyō Nōkō Daigaku) commonly known as TUAT is a Japanese national university headquartered in Fuchū, Tokyo. This university focuses on the study of agriculture and engineering.


The undergraduate organization of the university has two faculties, Agriculture and Engineering, and several departments as shown below.


The predecessor of the university was founded in 1874 as an agricultural training institute. In 1949 it was reorganized into a national university.


Nature and Science Museum TUAT-Nature-and-Science-Museum-2014041901.jpg
Nature and Science Museum

Undergraduate schools

Graduate schools

(M=master course, D=three-year doctoral course, D4=four-year doctoral course, M+D=five-year doctoral course, P=professional degree course)

Research institutions



Naka-cho, Koganei City, Tokyo Hakenandaze.jpg
Naka-cho, Koganei City, Tokyo

The university has campuses at two cities in Western Tokyo, Fuchū and Koganei. Fuchu Campus has the university's head office and focuses on agriculture. Koganei Campus focuses on engineering.

Fuchu Campus

Koganei Campus



The university has following dormitories in the campuses.

International students can also apply for Hitotsubashi University's International Student House in Kodaira City. [4]

Data (people)

The university has about 4,200 undergraduate students and 1,800 graduate students, including more than 400 international students. Every year, around 140 fellows complete doctoral (PhD) degrees. The university has a full-time faculty of 442, plus 377 part-time faculty.


(2018) With 400+ academic-staffs, TUAT is Japan's second "most-productive" university in terms of "Number of papers per academic-staff" (QS Asian University ranking 2018)
(2018) Ranked as the top 1% of universities in Asia (QS Asian University Ranking 2018).
(2012) The world first: Building a plant factory for fruits: Advanced Plant Factory
(2011) Royalty income from patents was the highest among Japanese universities.
(2007) Ranked #1st Paper Citation Index (Field of Engineering, by Asahi Newspaper/University Ranking 2007 and the ISI-Thomson database)
(2005) Grants per one faculty in joint research with industry was the highest among Japanese universities.

NOTE: The evaluation for the ranking system (from UK-based or Shanghai-based, etc.) is identical for all Universities of the same category and provides a clear and just ranking, taking into consideration the location and the size of the university.

Distinguished alumni


  1. 1 2 A joint program with Iwate University.
  2. A joint program with the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and the University of Electro-Communications.
  3. A joint program with Waseda University.
  4. A joint program with Ibaraki University and Utsunomiya University.

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Tsuyoshi Tanaka is a Japanese chemist, who is active in the fields of nanotechnology and environmental science; he is a professor of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT).


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