Tole Bi, Shu

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Tole bi
Төле би
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Tole bi
Location in Kazakhstan
Coordinates: 43°40′36.51″N73°45′43.22″E / 43.6768083°N 73.7620056°E / 43.6768083; 73.7620056
Country Kazakhstan
Region Jambyl Region
610 m (2,000 ft)
Time zone UTC+6
Postal code
080001 - 080019
Area code(s) +7 726 38
Vehicle registration H, 08

Tole Bi (Kazakh : Төле би, Tóle bi), before 1992 — Novotroitskoe [1]  — village, the center of Shu District, Jambyl Region, Kazakhstan. The administrative center of the agricultural county Tole Bi. It is located about 7 km north of the city Shu. KATO code — 316630100. [2]


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Tole Bi District District in Turkistan Region, Kazakhstan

Tole Bi is a district of Turkistan Region in southern Kazakhstan. The administrative center of the district is the town of Lenger. Population: 132,073 ; 122,721 ; 105,748. The district is named after Töle Biy, who died there in the 18th century.

Shu District District in Jambyl Region, Kazakhstan

Shu is a district of Jambyl Region in south-eastern Kazakhstan. The administrative center of the district is the auyl of Tole bi.

Lenger is a city in Tole Bi District, Turkistan Region of Kazakhstan. As of 2012 Lenger had a population of 25,298. Lenger is the administrative center of the Tole Bi District. The Museum of the Tole Bi District is in Lenger. Population: 24,642 ; 22,038.

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Töle Biy

Töle Biy, or Töle Älibekūly was the head biy of the Kazakh senior juz, as well as an author, orator, poet, politician and a public figure. He was born in Jaysan in what is now Shuy district, Jambyl oblast in 1663.

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Shymkent, known until 1993 as Chimkent ; Russian: Чимкент, romanized: Chimkent, is a city in Kazakhstan. It is near the border with Uzbekistan. It is one of three Kazakh cities which have the status equal to that of a region. It is the third-most populous city in Kazakhstan, behind Almaty and Nur-Sultan, with an estimated population of 1,002,291 as of 1 June 2018. According to regional and city officials, the millionth resident of Shymkent was born on 17 May 2018. It is a regional cultural centre.

Al Farabi Square

The Ordabassy Square also well-known as Al Farabi Square is a crossing in the city Shymkent (Kazakhstan), at the intersection of three main streets bearing the names of three wise Kazakh leader, who laid the foundation of unity of the Kazakh people: Tole Bi, Ayteke Bi and Kazybek Bi at the village Ordabassy near the city.

Koksaek is a village located in the Tole Bi District of the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan, and the administrative center of Koksaeksky rural district.

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Leninsky is a settlement in the Pavlodar Region of Kazakhstan. It is subordinate to the city administration of Pavlodar. Its KATO code is 551045100.



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