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Toledo Islamic Academy
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School's rear entrance
Toledo Islamic Academy
5225 West Alexis Road

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United States
Coordinates 41°43′1″N83°40′7″W / 41.71694°N 83.66861°W / 41.71694; -83.66861
Type Private
Religious affiliation(s) Islam
FounderMasjid Saad Foundation
OversightToledo Islamic Academy Education Committee
CEEB code 365063
ChairpersonDr. Abdelmanan Alo [1]
Grades PK12
Enrollment183 [2]  (2015-16)
Color(s)Blue and Yellow
AthleticsCross country, volleyeball, basketball, soccer [2]
Nickname TIA Tigers
Communities servedNorthwest Ohio, southeast Michigan
Affiliation Sylvania City School District

Toledo Islamic Academy (TIA) is a primary and secondary private Islamic charter school in Toledo, Ohio, enrolling students in grades PK–12. It was established in 1995 by the Masjid Saad Foundation, [3] [4] and is accredited by the Ohio Department of Education [5] and AdvancEd. [6]

The school follows Common Core State Standards in its college-preparatory curriculum, with a focus on STEM education. Students study Arabic as a second language in addition to English, and participate in Quran studies in Arabic. [4]

In 2007, the Masjid Saad mosque, where the school had been holding classes since it opened in September 1995, relocated along with the school to the former Cathedral of Praise church in Sylvania, Ohio. The new facility included a gym, playground areas, and a cafeteria. [7] [8]

In 2015, there were 183 students enrolled with a 100% four-year graduation rate, and 100% of students later attending 4-year colleges. Their average ACT score was 23.0, and average SAT score was 2030. [2]

As of 2020, the school principal is Dr. Nabila Gomaa. [9]

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