Toledo do Brasil

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Toledo do Brasil
Type Private
Revenue469 million BRL (2019)
Number of employees
1,350 (2019)

Toledo do Brasil is a Brazilian company that manufactures and resells weighing equipment as well as cold cut slicers and electronic labels, headquartered in São Bernardo do Campo. It was founded in 1956 as a subsidiary of the Toledo Scale Company (today Mettler Toledo) and subsequently nationalised in 1988.



In 1932, the Toledo Scale Company created a representative office in Brazil. 1956, this was expanded with the purchase of a small factory to form Toledo do Brasil Indústria de Balanças Ltda. In 1988, the company was bought over by Brazilian businessmen. [1]


The company sells weighing equipment, as well as cold cut slicers and electronic labels. [2]

Some of its products are manufactured, while others are resold from other brands including ABM, Cargoscan, Datalogic, Mettler-Toledo, Measurement Systems International, Pricer, Wipotec, and Railweight. [3]


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