Toler Garvey

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Toler Garvey
Full nameToler Roberts Garvey
Country (sports)Saint Patrick's Saltire.svg Ireland
Born11 February 1865 [1]
Parsonstown (modern Birr, County Offaly), Ireland
Died16 April 1946 (1946-04-17) (aged 81)
Birr, County Offaly, Ireland
Turned pro1884 (amateur tour)
Grand Slam singles results
Wimbledon SF (1886)

Toler Roberts Garvey (1865–1946) was an Irish tennis player who played Wimbledon in 1886, where he beat William Taylor before losing to Herbert Lawford in the semifinals. [2] Garvey won several Irish tournaments including the King’s County and Ormonde Tournament three times (1886, 1894, 1896) (the 1890s was the most successful period in history for Irish tennis). Garvey was a Justice of the Peace. [3]

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1878 Mens Tennis tour Mens tennis tour

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1879 Mens Tennis tour

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1880 Mens Tennis tour

The 1880 Men's tennis tour was the 4th amateur tennis tour held that year. It now incorporated 19 tournaments staged in Australia, Great Britain and Ireland and the United States. The 1880 Wimbledon Championships was won by John Hartley against Herbert Lawford, in the Challenge Round.

1881 Mens Tennis tour

The 1881 Men's tennis tour was composed of the fifth annual pre-open era tour now incorporated 32 tournaments staged in Australia, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, and the United States. The 1881 Wimbledon Championships was won by William Renshaw. This year also saw the inaugural and important 1881 U.S. National Championships held at Newport Casino which Richard Sears won. This was also the year that the United States National Lawn Tennis Association, which is the world's first national tennis association, was founded. Renshaw then won two other big tournaments of the year, the Irish Lawn Tennis Championships and Princes Club Championships, whilst Richard Taswell Richardson won the prestigious Northern Championships.

1882 Mens Tennis tour

The 1882 Men's tennis tour was composed of the sixth annual pre-open era tour and now incorporated 43 events. The Wimbledon Championships and Irish Championships was won by William Renshaw, the U.S. National Championships was won by Richard Sears collecting his second title other big winners were Richard Taswell Richardson picking up the Northern Lawn Tennis Championships and Ernest Renshaw winning the Princes Club Championships, The title leader this season was Robert W. Braddell winning 4 tournaments from 6 finals.

The South of Ireland Open Tennis Championship originally called the South of Ireland Championships first established in 1877 and also known as the Limerick Cup is a grass court tennis tournament that features both men's and women's competitions that is currently an official tour event of Tennis Ireland. It is held at the Limerick Lawn Tennis Club in Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland. The championships is the world's second oldest surviving tennis tournament after Wimbledon but the only event to have been staged continuously for the last 141 years.

1885 Mens tennis tour

The 1885 Men's tennis tour was the ninth annual tennis tour, consisting of 54 tournaments it began at the beginning of the year in Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and ended 12 October in New Haven, Connecticut, United States.

1886 Mens Tennis tour

The 1886 Men's tennis tour was composed of the tenth annual pre-open era tour incorporating 85 tournaments. The tour began in April in London, Great Britain and ended in December in Napier, New Zealand.


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