Tolga Çevik

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Tolga Çevik
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Born (1974-05-12) 12 May 1974 (age 49)
Occupation(s) Actor, comedian
Years active1996–present
Özge Yılmaz
(m. 2004)
Relatives Cem Yılmaz (brother-in-law)

Tolga Çevik (born 12 May 1974) is a Turkish actor, most known from the hit films "Organize İşler", Vizontele and the hit series Avrupa Yakası , improvisation theatre "Tolgshow". [1]


Life and career

His grandparents were among the Turkish population who immigrated from Thessaloniki, Greece, to Turkey after the Ottoman Empire collapsed. [2] He graduated from the theatre department of Central Missouri State University. He was a student of Robin Williams and Tommy Lee Jones. [3]

Personal life

He is married to Özge Yılmaz, sister of comedian Cem Yılmaz. Actor Sarp Bozkurt is his cousin, with whom he performed together in some seasons of improvisation theatre Tolgshow. [4]

He has a daughter and a son. [4]

Theatre work



TV series


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