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Tolima may refer to:

Tolima Department Department in Andean Region, Colombia

Tolima is one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the Andean region, in the center-west of the country. It is bordered on the north and the west by the department of Caldas; on the east by the department of Cundinamarca; on the south by the department of Huila, and on the west by the departments of Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Quindío and Risaralda. Tolima has a surface area of 23,562 km², and its capital is Ibagué. The department of Tolima was created in 1861 from a part of what was previously Cundinamarca.

Nevado del Tolima volcano located in the Central Andes of Colombia

The Nevado del Tolima is a Late Pleistocene to recently active andesitic stratovolcano located in the Tolima department, Colombia. The volcano lies south of Nevado del Ruiz volcano and is situated within the Los Nevados National Natural Park. The volcano, whose most recent activity dates to 1943 and last major eruption around 3600 years ago, overlies the Eocene El Bosque Batholith, dated at 49.1 ± 1.7 Ma.

Deportes Tolima association football club

Club Deportes Tolima S.A., commonly known as Deportes Tolima, or simply as Tolima, is a Colombian professional football club based in Ibagué, Tolima Department that currently plays in the Categoría Primera A. The club was founded on 18 December 1954. They won the Colombian top tier twice, in the 2003–II and 2018–I tournaments. They play their home games at the Manuel Murillo Toro stadium.

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Ibagué Municipio in Andean Region, Colombia

Ibagué is the capital of Tolima, one of the 32 departments that make up the Republic of Colombia. The city is located in the center of the country, on the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes, near Nevado del Tolima. It is one of the most populous cities in the country, with about 498,401 inhabitants, making it the seventh (7th) most populous in Colombia. It was founded on October 14, 1550, by the Spanish captain Andrés López de Galarza. The city of Ibagué is divided into 13 communes and the rural area has 17 corregimientos. As the capital of the department of Tolima the city hosts the Government of Tolima, the Departmental Assembly, and the Attorney General's Office. It is the main epicenter of political, economic, administrative, business, art, culture, and tourism activities in the area.

Darío Echandía Olaya was a lawyer and a Colombian political figure, a member of the Colombian Liberal Party. He was born on October 13, 1897 in Chaparral, Tolima, son of Vincente Enchandia and Carlota Olaya de E. The elder of seven brothers, he was educated at Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario and Colegio de Araujo (Bogota) receiving degrees of Attorney and Doctor in Law, 1917. He married Emilia Arciniegas, August 2, 1936. He died on May 7, 1989 in Ibagué, Tolima.

Murillo, Tolima Municipality and town in Tolima Department, Colombia

Murillo is a town and municipality in the Tolima department of Colombia. The population of the municipality was 4,953 as of the 2005 census, 1,569 who lived within the town of Murillo, the remainder in rural areas of the municipality.

Elson Becerra Colombian footballer

Elson Evelio Becerra Vaca was a Colombian footballer.

Cordillera Central (Colombia) mountain range in the Colombian Andes

The Cordillera Central is the highest of the three branches of the Colombian Andes. The range extends from south to north dividing from the Colombian Massif in Cauca Department to the Serranía de San Lucas in Bolivar Departments. The highest peak is Nevado del Huila at 5,364 m (17,598 ft).

The Central Bloc of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia operated strategically in the Andes Mountains, around the middle of Colombia. The group was considered as the largest threat to Bogotá and its economy, as it operated in areas surrounding the capital. Strong military action in the 2000s, however, forced the bloc to hide in remote parts of the mountains, away from many highways and cities.

Cerro Machín stratovolcano located in Tolima Department, Colombia

Cerro Machín is a stratovolcano located in Tolima Department, Colombia. Cerro Machin is a volcanic plug that is approximately the same age as the Ruiz-Tolima Massif and has the appearance of being part of that volcanic system. Its sisters are Nevado del Tolima, 17,060 feet (5,200 m); Santa Isabel, 16,240 feet (4,950 m), Nevado del Ruiz, 17,457 feet (5,321 m), plus nine other lesser volcanoes and a 10,000 feet (3,000 m) volcanic South Wall containing in excess of thirty volcanic domes.

Peoples Revolutionary Army (Colombia)

The People's Revolutionary Army was a small marxist guerrilla organization in Colombia. The group originated in the municipality of Venadillo, Tolima Department in c. 1985 as a splinter group of the National Liberation Army and was commanded by its founder Édgar Castellanos, a.k.a. "Gonzalo" until his death in January 2007. The group became a military objective of the larger guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia whom declared the group as an enemy and was persecuted by paramilitary. The Colombian government wanted the group for rebellion, kidnappings and extortion crimes.

Purificación, Tolima Municipality and town in Tolima Department, Colombia

Purificación is a town and municipality in the Tolima department of Colombia.

Gonzalo Martínez Footballer

Gonzalo Martinez Caicedo is a Colombian football defender. At club level, he played for Patriotas.

University of Tolima

The Universidad del Tolima (UT) , is a faculty of higher education located in the Colombian city of Ibague capital of the department of Tolima, is a public autonomous institution departmental order created by Ordinance No. 005 of 1945, with legal, academic, administrative and financial autonomy and independent heritage that develops and manages its budget in accordance with the functions accordingly. In regard to policy and planning in the education sector is under the Ministry of National Education Colombia.

Lieutenant Colonel Luis F. Pinto Parra Air Base

Lieutenant Colonel Luis Francisco Pinto Parra Air Base is a Colombian military base assigned to the Colombian Air Force Combat Air Command No. 4. The base is located in Melgar, a municipality in the Department of Tolima in Colombia. It is named in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Luis Francisco Pinto Parra.

Postage stamps and postal history of Tolima

This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Tolima.

Iván Velásquez is a Colombian footballer currently playing for Independiente Medellín of the Primera A in Colombia. He played as a striker.

Mescinia parvula is a species of snout moth in the genus Mescinia. It was described by Zeller in 1881, and is known from Belize and Colombia.

<i>Thrasydoxa</i> genus of insects

Thrasydoxa is a genus of moths of the family Heliodinidae. There is only one species in this genus: Thrasydoxa tyrocopa Meyrick, 1912 that is found in Colombia.

William Cuesta is a Colombian footballer playing for Deportes Tolima. From La Equidad, Cuesta was sold to Deportes Tolima along with new transfers Sergio Mosquera and Christian Alarcon.