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Tolmachyov or Tolmachev (Russian : Толмачёв) is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Tolmachyova or Tolmacheva. It may refer to:

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Kozlov or Kozlova is a Russian surname. It derives from the sobriquet "козёл". Notable people with the surname include:

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Zinchenko or Зинченко may refer to:

Tatyana Aleksandrovna Tolmachova, néeGranatkina was a former Soviet figure skater, figure skating coach and one of the founders of Soviet figure skating school, Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR. She started skating as single skater and represented the club of Dynamo in the 1930s. Then she moved to pair skating with partner Alexander Tolmachev.

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Vladimir Aleksandrovich Tolmachyov is a Russian football player. He plays for FC Zenit Irkutsk.

Nikolay Tolmachyov

Nikolai Gurevich Tolmachyov was a Bolshevik, member of the February and October Revolutions, the Civil War, a political worker of the Red Army, one of the first military commissars.

Vladimir Tolmachyov may refer to: