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Tolne Church.

Tolne is a small village and railway town in Vendsyssel, Denmark. It is located in Hjørring Municipality in Region Nordjylland. Its population was 209 as of 2015. [1] It is located in Tolne Hills, a popular excursion trip destination.

Tolne is served by Tolne railway station, located on the Vendsyssel railway line between Aalborg and Frederikshavn.

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North Jutland County

North Jutland County is a former county in northern Denmark. It was located on the eastern half of Vendsyssel-Thy and the northernmost part of the Jutland peninsula. It was the largest county in Denmark, but with a relatively low population. The county seat was Aalborg, Denmark's fourth largest city. The county was abolished effective January 1, 2007, when it merged into North Denmark Region.

Aabybro Municipality Former Municipality in North Jutland County, Denmark

Before Kommunalreformen, Aabybro Municipality was a municipality in North Jutland County on the island of Vendsyssel-Thy, part of the Jutland peninsula, in northern Denmark.


Brønderslev is a town with a population of 12,611 located 31 kilometers north of Aalborg. It is the municipal seat of Brønderslev municipality, Vendsyssel in Region Nordjylland, the northernmost part of the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark.

North Jutlandic Island

The North Jutlandic Island, Vendsyssel-Thy, or Jutland north of the Limfjord is the northernmost part of Denmark and of Jutland. It is more common to refer to the three traditional districts Vendsyssel, Hanherred and Thy, however. The area has been intermittently a tied island, and during modern times was not surrounded by water until a storm of February 1825, which severed the region from the remainder of Jutland and caused a water connection between the North Sea and the western end of the fjord Limfjorden. Hence it is traditionally regarded as a part of Jutland rather than an island.


Vendsyssel is the northernmost traditional district of Denmark and of Jutland. Being divided from mainland Jutland by the Limfjord, it is technically a part of the North Jutlandic Island. Vendsyssel is part of the North Denmark Region.

Berlin Heidelberger Platz station

Berlin Heidelberger Platz is a railway station in the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin. It is served by S-Bahn lines , and and U-Bahn line .


Vrå is a railway town in Hjørring municipality in Denmark, as well as the former municipal seat of the abolished Løkken-Vrå municipality. Vrå has a population of 2,474 Vrå is served by Vrå railway station, located on the Vendsyssel railway line between Aalborg and Frederikshavn.

This is a list of the extreme points on land of Estonia: the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location.


Jerup is a village in Frederikshavn Municipality, Vendsyssel, in the northern Jutland of Denmark.

Børglum Abbey

Børglum Abbey was an important Premonstratensian abbey of medieval Denmark, located in Børglum parish, in the commune of Hjørring, approximately five kilometers east of Løkken in north central Jutland between the 12th-century until reformation.

Vendsyssel Line

The Vendsyssel Line or the Vendsyssel Railway is a 80.7 km (50.1 mi) long standard gauge single track railway line in Denmark which runs through the historical region of Vendsyssel between Aalborg and Frederikshavn. It constitutes the northernmost part of Den Østjyske Længdebane, the through route through the Jutland Peninsula from Padborg to Frederikshavn.

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Eilean Fladday

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Limfjordstunnelen is a Danish motorway tunnel which connects the highway in eastern Aalborg with the highway east of Nørresundby. Opened 6 May 1969, it was the country's first motorway tunnel. The tunnel measures 582 metres (1,909 ft) in length, and 27.4 metres (90 ft) in width. Limfjordstunnelen comprises a 6-lane motorway, which is part of the E45. Comprising a segment of the North Jutland Motorway, it passes under the shallow sound of Limfjorden. It is one of three permanent links between Vendsyssel and Himmerlandsbanken, the other two being Limfjordsbroen in central Aalborg and Jernbanebroen over Limfjorden, the railway bridge, slightly west of the city center. The tunnel has had several problems with water intrusion. This problem was discovered a few years after opening and was caused by improper sealing. In 1996–97, the tunnel was sporadically closed to traffic for rectification of the concrete and for reinforcement, which in turn was plagued by rust.

Ålbæk Bugt

Albæk Bugt is a shallow bay, some 20 m (66 ft) deep, off the northeast coast of Skagen Odde in the north of Jutland, Denmark. It stretches from Skagen in the north to Hirsholmene to the south. On the Kattegat side of Vendsyssel, it is frequently used as an anchorage for vessels seeking shelter from the west wind in the Skagerrak.

Kvissel station

Kvissel railway station is a railway station serving the village of Kvissel west of Frederikshavn in Vendsyssel, Denmark.

Sindal station

Sindal railway station is a railway station serving the railway town of Sindal in Vendsyssel, Denmark.

Sindal Municipality was a municipality in Denmark. It was located on the island of Vendsyssel-Thy at the top of the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark and belonged to North Jutland County. It was abolished effective 1 January 2007. The municipal seat was located in the town of Sindal.

Voerså is a small fishing village located around 14 km south of Sæby, on the east coast of Vendsyssel, Denmark. It has a population of 556.


Kvissel is a small village and railway town in Vendsyssel, Denmark. It is located in the Frederikshavn Municipality, about 10 km northwest of Frederikshavn, in Region Nordjylland. Its population is 395.


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