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Tolokonnikov (Russian : Толоконников) is a Russian masculine surname. Its feminine counterpart is Tolokonnikova. It may refer to:

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Vladimir Putin President of Russia from 1999 to 2008 and again since 2012

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer who is serving as the current president of Russia since 2012, previously being in the office from 1999 until 2008. He was also Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012.

Vladimir (name) Name list

Vladimir is a male Slavic given name of Old Slavic origin, now widespread throughout all Slavic nations.

Ak Bars Kazan Russian ice hockey team based in Kazan

Hockey Club Ak Bars, also known as Ak Bars Kazan, is a Russian professional ice hockey team based in Kazan. They are members of the Kharlamov Division of the Kontinental Hockey League.

Nadya is a feminine given name, sometimes a short form (hypocorism) of Nadezhda or other names.

Belov, or Belova, is a common Russian surname, derived from the word Bely. Notable people with the surname include:

Nadezhda or Nadežda is a Slavic female given name popular in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and other Slavic countries, as well as other former Soviet states such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan etc. It means "hope". A Russian-language diminutive form of this name is Nadia. The Belarusian version is Nadzeya, the Ukrainian version is Nadiya (Надія), the Serbo-Croatian version is Nada, and the Czech version is Naděžda.

Alexander Podrabinek

Alexander Pinkhosovich Podrabinek is a Soviet dissident, journalist and commentator. During the Soviet period he was a human rights activist, being exiled, then imprisoned in a corrective-labour colony, for publication of his book Punitive Medicine in Russian and in English.

<i>Heart of a Dog</i> (1988 film)

Heart of a Dog is a black-and-white 1988 Soviet television film directed by Vladimir Bortko. It is based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel Heart of a Dog.

Brilliant green (dye)

Brilliant green is one of the triarylmethane dyes. It is closely related to malachite green.

Vladimir Nikolaevich Eshinov is a Russian rower who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1972 Summer Olympics and in the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Pussy Riot Russian punk-rock collective based in Moscow

Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist protest punk rock and performance art group based in Moscow. Founded in August 2011, it has had a variable membership of approximately 11 women  ranging in age from about 20 to 33. The group staged unauthorized provocative guerrilla performances in public places, performances that were filmed as music videos and posted on the Internet. The group's lyrical themes included feminism, LGBT rights, opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his policies, and Putin's links to the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

Nadezhda Andreyevna Tolokonnikova, nicknamed "Nadya Tolokno", is a Russian conceptual artist and political activist. She was a member of the anarchist feminist group Pussy Riot, and has a history of political activism with the controversial street art group Voina. On August 17, 2012, she was convicted of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" after a performance in Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and sentenced to two years' imprisonment. On December 23, 2013, she was released early with another Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina under a newly passed amnesty bill dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Russian constitution.

Prisons in Russia

Prisons in Russia can be categorized under four types of facilities:

<i>Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer</i>

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer is a 2013 Russian-British documentary film by Mike Lerner and Maxim Pozdorovkin. The film follows the court cases on the Russian feminist/anti-Putinist punk-rock protest group Pussy Riot. Directed by Lerner and Pozdorovkin, the film featured publicly available footage of the court proceedings and interviews with the families of the band members, but no interviews with the band members themselves.

Konstantin Tolokonnikov is a Russian middle distance runner who has specializes in the 800 metres. Tolokonnikov has won silver medals at the 2013 World Youth Championships and at the 2015 European Junior Championships. At the 2015 European Junior Championships Tolokonnikov won the Gold medal in the 4 × 400 metres relay.

Vladimir Tolokonnikov

Vladimir Alexeyevich Tolokonnikov was a Soviet, Russian and Kazakh film and theater actor, Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR. He was awarded the Russian Order of Friendship.

MediaZona is a Russian alternative media outlet founded by two members of the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot, Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. Its editor-in-chief is Russian political journalist Sergey Smirnov.

Yury Dud Russian sports journalist and YouTuber

Yury Aleksandrovich Dud is a Russian sports journalist and YouTuber. He was editor-in-chief of from 2011-2018 and since 2018, has been Deputy Director-General. In 2017, he launched his YouTube channel vDud where he interviews famous figures from Russia and other post-Soviet states.

Vladimir Tolokonnikov is a Russian and Soviet former professional ice hockey defenceman. He is a one-time Russian Champion.