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Type Newspaper
Founder(s)Abdolhamidkhan Matinossaltaneh
Language Persian
City Bushire
Country Iran

Toloo (Persian : طلوع) is an Iranian newspaper in Fars Province. The concessionaire of this magazine was Abdolhamidkhan Matinossaltaneh and it was published in Bushire since 1900.

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Mozaffari is an Iranian newspaper in Fars Province. The concessionaire of this magazine was Mirza Aliagha Shirazi and it was published in Bushire since 1901.

Fars or Al-Montabaato fi-l-Fars is an Iranian newspaper in Fars region. The concessionaire of this magazine was Mirza Taghi-Khan Kashani and it was published in Shiraz since 1872. This was the first modern newspaper which was published in southern Iran.

The Fars is an Iranian newspaper in Fars Province. The concessionaires of this magazine were Forsat-od-Dowleh Shirazi and Fazlollah Banan and it was published in Shiraz since 1913.

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Kanssallissosialisti was a National Socialist newspaper published in Helsinki between 1941 and 1944.