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Tolstikov (Russian : Толстиков) is a Russian surname, which may refer to

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Zamyatin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Belyayev (masculine) or Belyayeva (feminine) is a Russian patronymic surname derived from the nickname Belyay/Belyai (Беляй), for white (blond) hair.

Leonov or Leonova is a Russian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Primakov is a surname, and may refer to:

Yevtushenko or Evtushenko is a gender-neutral Ukrainian surname that originates from the Greek given name Eutychius. It may refer to:

Martynov, or Martynova is a common Russian last name. It is derived from the male given name Martyn and literally means 'Martyn's'. It may refer to:

Kharitonov, or Kharitonova is a Russian surname that is derived from the male given name Khariton and literally means Khariton's. Notable people with the surname include:

Kulikov, or Kulikova, is a common Russian last name and may refer to the following:

Korovin, or Korovina, is a Russian last name, which is derived from the Russian word korova. Notable persons with that surname include:

Grishin is a Russian surname derived from Grisha, a short form of the name Grigori. The surname literally means Grisha's. It may refer to:

Ageyev or Ageyeva is a Russian surname. Variants of this surname include Aggeyev/Aggeyeva (Агге́ев/Агге́ева), Ageyenko (Аге́енко), Ageyenkov/Ageyenkova (Аге́енков/Аге́енкова), Ageykin/Ageykina (Аге́йкин/Аге́йкина), Agin/Agina (А́гин/А́гина), Agish (Аги́ш), Agishev/Agisheva (Аги́шев/Аги́шева), Agishin/Agishina (Аги́шин/Аги́шина), Agishchev/Agishcheva (Аги́щев/Аги́щева), Agushev/Agusheva (Агу́шев/Агу́шева), Ogiyenko (Огие́нко), and Ogishin/Ogishina (Оги́шин/Оги́шина).

Zhirov is a Russian male surname. Its feminine counterpart is Zhirova. The surname is derived from the word жир and may refer to:

Adamov or Adamova is a Slavic surname.

Bobrov, or Bobrova is a Russian surname, derived from the word "бобер" (beaver). Notable people with the surname include:

Dyakonov, Diakonoff, Diakonov, or Diakonof is a Russian surname meaning "a deacon's". Notable people with the surname include:

Kislyakov is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Kislyakova. It may refer to

Ostashev is a surname. Notable persons with that name include:

Brusilovsky, Brussilovsky, Brusilovskiy or Brusilovski is a Ukrainian masculine surname; its feminine counterpart is Brusilovskaya, Brussilovskaya or Brusilovska. It is also an adjective derived from the closely related Russian surname Brusilov. The origin of both surnames was traced to the verb брусить meaning mumble;. According to other sources the immediate origin of surname Brusilovsky is the Ukrainian town Brusilov.

Prigozhin or Prigogine (Пригожин) is a masculine East Slavic surname.

Pavlovsky is a Russian-language surname. The Ukrainian-language variant is Павловський, Pavlovskiy. Notable people with the surname include: