Toltén River

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Toltén River
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The source of the river is visible in the lower left corner.
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Tolten River in a 1903 map
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Location of mouth
Country Chile
Physical characteristics
  location Villarrica Lake
  elevation230 m (750 ft) [1]
Pacific Ocean
39°15′04″S73°13′24″W / 39.25118808647522°S 73.22333427026518°W / -39.25118808647522; -73.22333427026518 Coordinates: 39°15′04″S73°13′24″W / 39.25118808647522°S 73.22333427026518°W / -39.25118808647522; -73.22333427026518
0 m (0 ft)
Length123 km (76 mi) [1]
Basin size8,398 km2 (3,242 sq mi) [1]

Toltén River is a river located in the La Araucanía Region of Chile. It rises at Villarrica Lake, close to the city of the same name. Its major tributary is the Allipén River. From its confluence with the Allipén, the river follows a braided course.

After flowing for about 123 km, the river reaches the Pacific Ocean near Punta Nilhue , where it is about 500 m wide. [1]

Cities and towns along the Toltén include: Villarrica, Pitrufquén, Teodoro Schmidt and Nueva Toltén.

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Lake Villarrica, also known as Mallalafquén, is located about 700 kilometers south of Santiago in Chile's Lake District in the southeast area of the Province of Cautín. On its east shore lies the city of Pucón, a major tourist attraction and a popular ski resort, and on the west shore lies the town of Villarrica.


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