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The Tolt Pipeline Trail is a 100 foot (30 m) wide, unpaved equestrian, pedestrian and mountain bike trail in Seattle's Eastside suburbs. It stretches 12 miles (19 km) along the Tolt pipeline right-of-way from Bothell, Washington to the Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail near Duvall. [1] [2] [3]

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King County, Washington County in Washington, United States

King County is located in the U.S. state of Washington. The population was 2,269,675 in the 2020 census, making it the most populous county in Washington, and the 13th-most populous in the United States. The county seat is Seattle, also the state's most populous city.

Carnation, Washington City in Washington, United States

Carnation is a city in King County, Washington, United States. The population was 2,158 at the 2020 census. It was historically known as Tolt and lies at the confluence of the Snoqualmie and Tolt rivers. The city is located east of Redmond and south of Duvall on State Route 203.

Snoqualmie River River in northwest Washington, United States

The Snoqualmie River is a 45-mile (72 km) long river in King County and Snohomish County in the U.S. state of Washington. The river's three main tributaries are the North, Middle, and South Forks, which drain the west side of the Cascade Mountains near the town of North Bend and join near the town of Snoqualmie just above the Snoqualmie Falls. After the falls the river flows north through rich farmland and the towns of Fall City, Carnation, and Duvall before meeting the Skykomish River to form the Snohomish River near Monroe. The Snohomish River empties into Puget Sound at Everett. Other tributaries of the Snoqualmie River include the Taylor River and the Pratt River, both of which enter the Middle Fork, the Tolt River, which joins at Carnation, and the Raging River at Fall City.

Ravenna Creek

Ravenna Creek is a stream in the Ravenna and Roosevelt neighborhoods of Seattle, Washington, whose present daylighted length of nearly 3,500 feet (1.1 km) is entirely within the Ravenna & Cowen Parks.

Burke–Gilman Trail

The Burke–Gilman Trail is a rail trail in King County, Washington. The 27-mile (43 km) multi-use recreational trail is part of the King County Regional Trail System and occupies an abandoned Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway corridor.

Snoqualmie Indian Tribe

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe (S·dukʷalbixʷ), is a federally recognized tribe of Snoqualmie people. They are Coast Salish Native American peoples from the Snoqualmie Valley in east King and Snohomish Counties in Washington state.

Tolt River River in Washington, U.S.

The Tolt River is located in the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains in north central King County in the U.S. state of Washington. The river begins at the confluence of the North Fork Tolt and South Fork Tolt rivers. It flows southwest joining the Snoqualmie River near Carnation, Washington. The Tolt River watershed is part of the larger Snohomish River and Puget Sound drainage basin.

Sammamish River Trail

The Sammamish River Trail is a 10.1-mile (16.3 km) bike path and recreational trail in King County, Washington that runs along the Sammamish River from Blyth Park in Bothell to Marymoor Park in Redmond as part of the “Locks to Lakes Corridor.” It connects to the Burke-Gilman Trail at its northwestern end, and to the Redmond Central Connector at its southeastern end.

The PSE Trail, also called the Puget Power Trail and the Redmond Powerline Trail, is an unpaved equestrian, pedestrian and mountain bike trail in Redmond, Washington. It links the Sammamish River Trail to Farrel-McWhirter Park.

Tolt pipeline

The Tolt pipeline runs from the Tolt Reservoir in the Cascade Range to the Lake Forest Park Reservoir, owned by the City of Seattle, supplying the city with about 30% of its water supply. It passes through Seattle's northern Eastside suburbs and also supplies several suburban cities and water districts.

Tolt may refer to:

The Foothills Trail is a mostly paved non-motorized rail-trail in east Pierce County, Washington, extending uninterrupted for 21 miles (34 km) from Puyallup, Washington to Orting, Washington to South Prairie, Washington to Buckley, Washington. The trail is used by cyclists, walkers, joggers, inline skaters, and horse riders. Listed as Foothills Regional Trail, it was designated a National Recreation Trail in 2012.

Interurban Trail (King County) Rail trail in Washington, United States

The Interurban Trail South is a rail trail in King and Pierce counties, Washington. The interurban trail North is a bicycle route running from Downtown Seattle through Shoreline and to the Snohomish County, Washington line.

Cedar to Green River Trail

The Cedar to Green River Trail, also known as the Lake Wilderness Trail is a 3.5-mile (5.6 km) soft surface rail trail in Washington. This trail is designated for non-motorized use and connects Maple Valley to Lake Wilderness. In Maple Valley it connects to the Cedar River Trail.

Chief Sealth Trail

The Chief Sealth Trail is a multi-use recreational trail in Seattle, Washington.

Riverton, Washington Former CDP in Washington, United States

Riverton was a census-designated place (CDP) in King County, Washington, United States. The population was 6,407 at the 2010 census. Riverton was formerly part of the Riverton-Boulevard Park CDP, which was split up for the 2010 census into Riverton and Boulevard Park. In April 2010 the community was annexed by the city of Burien and is no longer a CDP.

Foster, Washington

Foster, Washington was a former community in King County in the U.S. state of Washington. Today, after being annexed in 1989, Foster's former area is a part of the city of Tukwila.

Lake Hills, Bellevue

Lake Hills is a neighborhood in Bellevue, Washington. It lies to the south of the Crossroads and north of the Eastgate neighborhoods.

Outline of Washington infrastructure Overview of and topical guide to infrastructure of the U.S. state of Washington

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to infrastructure of the U.S. state of Washington.


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