Tomás Benjamín Aceval Marín

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Tomás Benjamín Aceval Marín
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Paraguayan Ambassador to the United States
In office
1877 1879
Paraguayan Foreign Minister
In office
1877 1877
Preceded byFacundo Machaín
Succeeded byJuan Antonio Jara
Paraguayan Foreign Minister
In office
1878 1880
Preceded byJuan Antonio Jara
Succeeded byJosé Segundo Decoud
Paraguayan Foreign Minister
In office
1886 1887
Preceded byJosé Segundo Decoud
Succeeded byJosé Segundo Decoud
Personal details
Born1845 (1845)
DiedJuly 25, 1900(1900-07-25) (aged 54–55)
Alma mater 1873 Doctor of law of the University of Buenos Aires.

Tomás Benjamín Aceval Marín (1845 – July 25, 1900) was a Paraguayan statesman, educator and diplomat.


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