Tomás Garicano Goñi

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Tomás Garicano Goñi
Visita de diferentes autoridades a San Sebastian, entre ellas se encuentran Tomas Garicano Goni y Avelino Elorriaga Zabala (10 de 10) - Fondo Marin-Kutxa Fototeka (cropped).jpg
Minister of Interior
In office
29 October 1969 9 June 1973
Preceded by Camilo Alonso Vega
Succeeded by Carlos Arias Navarro
Personal details
Died1988 (aged 6869)

Tomás Garicano Goñi (1919–1988) [1] was a Spanish military lawyer, governor and politician, who served as interior minister in Francoist Spain. Following the civil war he supported the repression of those who had opposed the Nationalist forces.



Goñi was a military lawyer. [2] He served as governor of Barcelona for nearly thirteen years until 1969. [3] He was appointed minister of interior on 29 October 1969, succeeding Camilo Alonso Vega in the post. [1] [2] Vega left office due to mandatory age limit. [3] Goñi's tenure lasted until 9 June 1973. [1] [4] He was replaced by Carlos Arias Navarro in the post. [1]


He is the grand uncle of LSE economist and politician of Ciudadanos Luis Garicano. [5]

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