Tomás González

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Tomás González may refer to:

Tomás Alberto González Vera, is a Paraguayan footballer. He played twice in Chile: once for Rangers in 1999, and the other for Cobreloa, ten years later.

Tomás González Estrada

Tomás González Estrada is a Colombian economist. He was an Economic Counselor in the government of Andrés Pastrana Arango and the Minister of Mines and Energy in the second government of Juan Manuel Santos. On 7 March 2016, his resignation from the position was accepted due to the country's energy crisis.

Tomás González (gymnast) gymnast

Enrique Tomás González Sepúlveda is a Chilean artistic gymnast, the first of his country to medal at World Cup events, and the first to qualify for a Summer Olympic Games. He specializes in vault and floor exercises.

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Víctor Tomás Spanish handball player

Víctor Tomás González is a Spanish handball player for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

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Víctor González may refer to:

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