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Tomás González (born Medellin, 1950) is a Colombian writer. He studied philosophy at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He is best known for his debut novel In the Beginning Was the Sea (1983) which was translated into English by Pushkin Press. González lived in the United States for twenty years before returning to his native Colombia in 2002. [1]

Colombia Country in South America

Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a sovereign state largely situated in the northwest of South America, with territories in Central America. Colombia shares a border to the northwest with Panama, to the east with Venezuela and Brazil and to the south with Ecuador and Peru. It shares its maritime limits with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Colombia is a unitary, constitutional republic comprising thirty-two departments, with the capital in Bogotá.

Debut novel first published by an author

A debut novel is the first novel a novelist publishes. Debut novels are often the author's first opportunity to make an impact on the publishing industry, and thus the success or failure of a debut novel can affect the ability of the author to publish in the future. First-time novelists without a previous published reputation, such as publication in nonfiction, magazines, or literary journals, typically struggle to find a publisher.

Pushkin Press is a British-based publishing house dedicated to publishing novels, essays, memoirs and children's books. The London-based company was founded in 1997 and is notable for publishing authors such as Stefan Zweig, Marcel Aymé, Antal Szerb, Paul Morand and Yasushi Inoue, as well as award-winning contemporary writers, including Andrés Neuman, Edith Pearlman, Ayelet-Gundar-Goshen, Eka Kurniawan and Ryu Murakami.

He is the nephew of the writer Fernando Gonzalez.

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González is a Spanish surname. In Spain, González is the second most common surname with 2.08% of the population having this surname. González is also a common surname in Latin America. It is one of the five most common surnames in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, and Venezuela, making it one of the most common surnames in the Spanish-speaking world. In the United States, González ranked as the 13th most common surname in 2017.

Guillermo León Valencia President of Colombia

Guillermo León Valencia Muñoz is a Colombian politician, lawyer and diplomat who served the 21st President of Colombia from 1962 to 1966.

Víctor Manuel Gaviria González is a film director, writer, and poet. His three feature length films are highly acclaimed and have won many international awards. He is the first Colombian filmmaker to be featured at the Cannes Film Festival in France. He is often recognized as the most influential and well-known filmmaker to come out of Colombia, often being considered an exception to Colombian Cinema.

Tomás Carrasquilla Colombian actor

Tomás Carrasquilla Naranjo (1858 – 1940) was a Colombian writer who lived in the Antioquia region. He dedicated himself to very simple jobs: tailor, secretary of a judge, storekeeper in a mine, and worker of the Ministry of Public Works. He was an avid reader, and one of the most original Colombian literary writers, greatly influencing the younger generation of his time and later generations. Carrasquilla was little known in his time, according to Federico de Onís, a scholar of Carrasquilla's works. It was only after 1936, when he was already 68 years old, when he was awarded with the National Prize of Literature, that Carrasquilla got a national recognition. Tomás Carrasquilla Library Park is named in his honor.

Andrés Felipe González Ramírez is a Colombian footballer.

Ramón González Valencia President of Colombia

Ramón González Valencia was a Colombian conservative, military officer and statesman. He participated in the civil wars of 1876, Colombian Civil War of 1895, and the Thousand Days War.

Jersson Amur González Díaz is a retired Colombian football defender and defensive midfielder. He was notable for possessing great ball control and an experienced free-kick taker.

David González Giraldo footballer

David González Giraldo, known as David González, is a Colombian goalkeeper who currently plays for Categoría Primera A club Independiente Medellín.

César Eduardo González Venezuelan footballer

César Eduardo González Amais is a Venezuelan football midfielder. He currently plays for Deportivo La Guaira.

Carlos Eugenio Restrepo President of Colombia

Carlos Eugenio Restrepo Restrepo was a Colombian lawyer, writer, and statesman, who was elected President of Colombia in 1910. During his administration he worked towards making political reconciliation among the Conservative and Liberals. He appointed members of the Liberal Party to his Cabinet, and to the dismay of some of his own party, adopted a neutral stand on all issues. He later served as Minister of Government and Ambassador to the Vatican City State.

Chepe González road bicycle racer

José Jaime González Pico, also known as Chepe González, is a Colombian former road bicycle racer. He won stages in Tour de France and Giro d'Italia. He also won the Vuelta a Colombia in 1994 and 1995.

Fernando González (writer) Colombian writer and philosopher

Fernando González Ochoa, was a Colombian writer and existentialist philosopher known as "el filósofo de Otraparte". He wrote about sociology, history, art, morality, economics, epistemology and theology in a magisterial and creative way, using different genres of literature. González is considered one of the most original writers of Colombia during the 20th century. His ideas were controversial and had a great influence in the Colombian society at his time and today. The González work was the inspiration of Nadaism, a literary movement founded by one of his disciples, Gonzalo Arango. The Otraparte Villa, his house in Envigado, is today a museum and the headquarters of the cultural foundation to preserve and promote his legacy. The place was declared a National Patrimony of Colombia in 2006.

Fredy González Colombian racing cyclist

Freddy Excelino González Martínez, also known as Fredy González, is a Colombian road racing cyclist. He is a two-time winner of the Mountains classification in the Giro d'Italia. His victories came in the 2001 and 2003 races. He also came close to winning in 2000, when he finished second to Francesco Casagrande. González has a total of 34 career victories.

Juan Diego González Alzate is a Colombian footballer.

Alejandro González (tennis) Colombian tennis player

Alejandro González is a Colombian professional tennis player. He has a career-high singles ranking of World No. 70 achieved on the 9 June 2014.

Soledad Acosta Colombia Writer

Soledad Acosta Kemble was a Colombian writer and journalist. A sophisticated, well-travelled, and social woman, she received a much higher and better rounded education than most women of her time and country, and enjoyed a high standing in society, not only for her family background, but for her own literary endeavours. She collaborated in various newspapers including El Comercio, El Deber, and Revista Americana, among other periodicals. Using her writings, she was a feminist well ahead of her time, she lobbied for equal education for women, and wrote on various topics pertaining to female participation in society and family, encouraging others to become proactive in the workforce and in the restoration of society.

David González is a Colombian professional skateboarder. In December 2012 he was named Thrasher magazine's "Skater of the Year".

Nadaism was an artistic and philosophical counterculture movement in Colombia prevalent from 1958 to 1964. The movement was founded by writer Gonzalo Arango and was influenced by nihilism, existentialism, and the works of Colombian writer and philosopher Fernando González Ochoa. Nadaism was largely a movement in reaction to La Violencia and was the Colombian expression of numerous avant-garde-like movements in the poetry of the Americas during the 1950s and 60s, such as the Beat Generation in the United States and the Tzanticos in Ecuador. The movement was largely anti-establishment. It resulted in several works of literature, music, and movies expressing nadaist themes.

JC Gonzalez Colombian Actor, Songwriter, Singer, Dancer, TV Presenter

Juan Camilo Gonzalez, known professionally as JC Gonzalez, is a Colombian actor and singer-songwriter. His career began in 2009, when he participated in television commercials and advertisements in Texas. Gonzalez was also a candidate on Making Menudo, an MTV reality show for which they selected twenty-five bilingual male singers. Gonzalez has also made appearances in film and television, such as Parks and Recreation, Blue and Los Americans.

Tomás González Estrada

Tomás González Estrada is a Colombian economist. He was an Economic Counselor in the government of Andrés Pastrana Arango and the Minister of Mines and Energy in the second government of Juan Manuel Santos. On 7 March 2016, his resignation from the position was accepted due to the country's energy crisis.