Tomás Guevara

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Tomás Guevara
Born1865 (1865)
Curicó, Chile
Died1935 (aged 6970)

Tomás Guevara Silva (1865–1935) was a Chilean historian, teacher, War of the Pacific veteran and a prominent scholar of the Mapuche people. He was born in Curicó. [1]


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Curicó Province is one of four provinces of the central Chilean region of Maule (VII). Its capital is the city of Curicó. It lies between the provinces of Colchagua and Talca and extends from the Pacific to the Argentine frontier, spanning an area of 7,280.9 km2 (2,811 sq mi). According to the 2002 census, the population was 244,053.

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Curicó, meaning "Black Waters" in Mapudungun, is the capital city of the Curicó Province, part of the Maule Region in Chile's central valley.

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Gualemo was the name by which the Spaniards knew the tribe of Promaucaes inhabiting the Lontué River valley of Chile and was the name early Spaniards gave to that region. Gualemo is also the name of one of the arms of the lower Lontué River that created several islands of fertile alluvium that existed near the confluence with the Teno River as late as 1899.

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General Freire Airport is an airport serving Curicó, a city in the Maule Region of Chile. The airport is within the northeast part of the city.

The 2009 Campeonato Nacional de Apertura Copa Banco Estado was the 85th season of top-tier football in Chile. The tournament champion was Universidad de Chile, so that earned their 13th league title after a five-year winless, after winning over Unión Española on points, in the finals, that allowed the automatically qualification of the university team to the 2010 Copa Libertadores Second Stage.

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The 2017 Copa Chile,, was the 38th edition of the Copa Chile, the country's national cup tournament. The competition started on 9 July 2017 with the First Round and ended on 11 November 2017. Santiago Wanderers were the winners, beating Universidad de Chile 3–1 in the final to win their third title and first since 1961, and qualified for the 2018 Copa Libertadores.

The 2018 Copa Chile, was the 39th edition of the Copa Chile, the country's national football cup tournament. Santiago Wanderers were the defending champions, but lost to Palestino in the second round of the competition. Palestino went on to become champions after defeating Audax Italiano in the final by an aggregate score of 4–2.

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