Tomás Muñiz

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Tomás Muñiz
BornAugust 4, 1900
DiedSeptember 9, 1963
Occupation radio producer and television producer

Tomás Domingo Muñiz Souffront (August 4, 1900 September 9, 1963) was a well known Puerto Rican radio and television producer. He is sometimes respectfully called by the general public in Puerto Rico as Don Tomás Muñiz, to differentiate him from his namesake and son, Tommy Muñiz


As a young man, Tomás Muñiz worked as a real estate agent, and later as an advertising copy writer -and later executive- of the West Indies Advertising Company (WIAC). He later produced radio shows and administered the agency's radio station, WIAC-AM in San Juan. He was one of the first persons to give José Miguel Agrelot work. He also worked with a large number of other entertainers.

Lucas Tomás Muñiz, Tommy, later on became owner of Teleluz, a major competitor of WAPA-TV and Canal 2.

Tomás Muñiz was the patriarch of a show business family: one of his seven children, Tommy, is a media legend in Puerto Rico, his grandson Rafo Muñiz, is also a television producer and music promoter. Yet another grandson, Pedro Muñiz, starred as the father in the 1989 highly acclaimed sitcom Maripili which he also produced (521 episodes) television show he is also a film producer. Producer of the only Puerto Rican film ever nominated for an Oscar, "Whatever happened to Santiago" in 1990

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