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Tomás Ripoll

Tomás Ripoll (1652–1747) was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1725 to 1747.


Tomás Ripoll was a contemplative Dominican from Tarragona in the province of Aragon. [1] He was a socius of two of the masters of his order, Antonin Cloche in 1702 with the title "Provincial of the Holy Land", [2] and Agustín Pipia. [1]

In 1722 Ripoll was Provincial for the province of Aragon. [2]

A General Chapter of the Dominican Order elected him master in 1725. [1] As master, Ripoll made no visitations. [1] He oversaw completion of the historical documents of the Dominican Order. [1] The Jansenist controversy was brought to a head under his mastership. [1] In 1740, Ripoll's friend (and fellow Dominican) Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini was elected pope, taking the regnal name of Pope Benedict XIV. [1]

Ripoll died in 1747 on September at the age of 95. [1] [2]

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Catholic Church titles
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Antonin Brémond