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Tomás Rojas
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Rojas in April 2014
Years active2010–present

Tomás Rojas is a Mexican actor. (born in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico). [1] in France it was part of the Marche et dance workshops, and he also studied construction and handling of mojigangas. [1] He is most recognized for his theater works in Mexico. [2]



Film roles

2010A través del silencioIliasi
2012Playing Grown UpRodrigo Short film
2014 La dictadura perfecta Analista TV MX
2015Apasionado Pancho VillaTomás Urbina
2016De las muertasÁngel
2017 Cuando los hijos regresan Gilberto
2020 El club de los Idealistas Omar

Television roles

2011El encanto del águilaSecretario de Porfirio Díaz3 episodes
2016–2017 Perseguidos Agente CIN5 episodes
2017 Sincronía Ulises4 episodes
2017 Señora Acero Eladio PuertasRecurring role (season 4); 10 episodes
2018 Enemigo íntimo Marcelo González "El Orejas"Recurring role (season 1); 44 episodes
2018 Falco Javier SantosEpisode: "Bocanada"
2019 Sitiados: México Comandante EspañolRecurring role (season 1); 5 episodes

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