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Tom-Tom and Nana is a French comic strip series published in the monthly magazine J'aime lire since 1977. [1] The first authors of the series were writer Jacqueline Cohen and artist Bernadette Després. [2] They were joined by author Evelyne Reberg, and in the most recent editions, by artist Marylise Morel. The comic book has gained success which reached a peak around 1995-2000 (during which time a TV cartoon was created). [3] During the 2000s its publication was less regular. An English translation entitled Tom and Lili is published in the magazine AdventureBox . [4]



The cartoon covers the Dubouchon family, proprietors of the restaurant The Good Fork, which is often turned upside-down by the mischief of the two youngest children, Tom-Tom and Nana. New heroes were created: Anatole Latuile and Ariol, who are now the main characters.


The Dubouchons

Employees and customers of the restaurant


Running gags

Animated series

Tom-Tom et Nana was adapted to a 52 episode animated series in 1997. It was broadcast by France 3 and Canal J, and produced by Bayard Presse, Valentine Productions and Jufox [6]

Another 52 episode animated adaptation is currently produced by Bayard Jeunesse and 4.21 Productions and debuted on Télétoon+ in 2019. [7]

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