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Tom Blower (1914–1955; nicknamed "Torpedo" [1] [2] ) was a British man who on 27–28 July 1947 became the first to successfully swim the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland, completing the feat in 15 hours and 26 minutes. [3] In spite of multiple attempts by others, the North Channel would not be successfully crossed by a swimmer again until 12 September 1970, when it was accomplished by Kevin Murphy. [4] Blower also swam the English Channel several times, with a personal best speed of 13 hours and 29 minutes in 1937 that set a new record, shaving the previous best by 23 minutes. [3] [1]

Born in Hyson Green in 1914, Blower was a resident of Nottingham until shortly before his death of a heart attack in 1955, when he resided in Dartmouth. [1] A long-distance endurance swimmer, Blower practiced in the River Trent near The Meadows. [1] The son of a miner, Blower was a decorated World War II hero who gained national celebrity for his swimming. [3] [1] [2]

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