Tom Bowers

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Tom Bowers
Tom Bowers.jpg
Tom Bowers in 2014
Tom Bowers

1936 (1936)
London, United Kingdom
Died2021 (2022)
  • sculptor
  • photographer
Years active1950–2021
Notable work
Liberty Monument

Tom Bowers (c.1936 – March 2021) was a British-born Seychellois sculptor and photographer.


Bowers was born in London, the United Kingdom where he studied graphic art and sculpture. He later worked as a freelance advertiser after he opened a photographic studio in London. In 1981, along with his family, he visited Seychelles on holiday before he decided to move into the country permanently in 1986. [1]

In 2014, he was commissioned by the government of Seychelles to design the Liberty Monument which replaced the old Zom Libb monument. [2] Bowers has a sculpture studio in Anse a la Mouche, Seychelles. [3]

He died in March 2021, 84 years old. [4]

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The year 2020 in art involves various significant events.


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