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Thomas Elder BARR SMITH
Thomas Elder BARR SMITH ca 1914 (SLSA B 36432).jpg
Born(1863-12-08)8 December 1863
Died26 November 1941(1941-11-26) (aged 77)
SpouseMary Isabel Mitchell
Parent(s) Robert Barr Smith and Joanna Lang Barr Smith, (née Elder)
Relatives Mary Downer nee Gosse (granddaughter)

Thomas Elder Barr Smith (8 December 1863 – 26 November 1941) [1] was a South Australian pastoralist and philanthropist.

Tom Barr Smith was born in Woodville, South Australia, the son of Robert Barr Smith, [2] and his wife Joanna Lang, née Elder. [1]

On 5 May 1886 he married Mary Isabel Mitchell, at St Andrew's Church, Walkerville.

In 1917, Barr Smith subdivided his estate, which became the Adelaide suburb of Torrens Park.

In 1928 he gave £30,000 to the University of Adelaide to enable the building of the Barr Smith Library. [3]

His interests included competing in car rallies. A steam locomotive, now preserved in the National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide, was named after him in 1926. [4]

There is a plaque in his honour on the Jubilee 150 Walkway.


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