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Thomas Clifford Emmott (1907–1964) [1] was a British writer and political activist.

Emmott was born in Burnley, Lancashire, [2] and grew up in Colne. He travelled the world, collecting curiosities such as emu and rhea eggs, a large trilobite, and pieces of volcanic rock. [3] He fought in World War I, and later claimed to have served with Military Intelligence. [4] He returned, in the 1940s, to live in Wycoller Cottage, becoming the only long-term resident of the remote village. While there, he wrote an autobiography entitled An Outlaw in the 20th Century and a volume entitled Eamot Eternal, in which he described his family's supposed descent from inhabitants of Atlantis and the incredible feats of ancestors who shared his name. [5]

In 1959, Emmott formed the "Lancastrian Party", with the stated aim of attracting attention to the neglect of north-east Lancashire, [4] and of representing "the little people who slink round lampposts". [6] He carved a stone in the garden with the inscription "LANCASTRIAN PARTY HQ", and stood in Nelson and Colne at the 1959 general election, and promoted his candidacy by distributing leaflets and badges. [3] [4] His campaign attracted limited interest, with his public meetings only having three or four attendees. [4] He took 4.6% of the votes cast, and lost his deposit.

Emmott remained at the cottage for many years, and became known for writing letters to prominent individuals complaining of persecution. [5] In particular, he claimed that people had been prevented from attending his campaign meetings. This left him frequently unemployed and in poor health. [4]

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