Tom Felleghy

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Tom Felleghy
Tom felleghy.jpg
Felleghy in Hallucination Strip (1975)
Born(1921-11-26)26 November 1921
Budapest, Hungary
Died13 September 2005(2005-09-13) (aged 83)
Years active1958–1991

Tom Felleghy (born Tamás Fellegi; 26 November 1921 – 13 September 2005) was a Hungarian-born Italian actor. [1] He appeared in more than one hundred films from 1958.


Felleghy died in Bracciano, Lazio on 13 September 2005, at the age of 83. [2]


1965 I due toreri PierreCredited as Tom Felleghi
For One Thousand Dollars Per Day
1966 Arizona Colt Will
1967 Kill Me Quick, I'm Cold Dick Marton
Desert Commandos Colonel Ross
Halleluja for Django
The Fantastic Argoman General Headwood
Lola Colt Don Rodriguez
1968 Hell in Normandy Colonel VollerUncredited
1969 The Archangel Fabris
Death Knocks Twice BerryCredited as Tom Felleghi
1970 Hornets' Nest Colonel Jannings
1971 His Name Was King
1973 The Age of the Medici
1973 The Bloody Hands of the Law
1975 Kidnap Syndicate
1976 Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man Major
1978 Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade
Covert Action

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