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Tom Gallon (5 December 1866 – 4 November 1914) was a British playwright and novelist. He was the brother of author and publicist Nellie Tom-Gallon, who founded the Tom-Gallon Trust Award [1] for beginning writers in memory of her brother.



Thomas Henry Gallon was born in Bermondsey, London, the son of John P. Gallon (an engineer, fitter and turner) and his wife Martha K. Gallon. [2]

Several of Tom Gallon's novels were adapted as films including The Princess of Happy Chance (1916), Meg the Lady (1916), The Cruise of the Make-Believes (1918), The Lackey and the Lady (1919), A Rogue in Love (1922), Boden's Boy (1923), Off the Highway (1925, based on Tatterley), The Great Gay Road (1920, silent) and The Great Gay Road (1931, sound). [2]

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