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Tom Geerd Geurts (born in Dedemsvaart on April 2, 1964) is a Dutch economist currently employed by The George Washington University and an Honorary Professor at the Technische Universität Berlin. Current Chair of the Education Committee of the American Real Estate Society (ARES), and previously Director of Academic Affairs [1] of the Schack institute of New York University. He wrote numerous presentations and publications in the field of Real Estate and Finance, for example in the field of Security Market Line [2] . He is the son of Joop Geurts.

Dedemsvaart is a village in Overijssel, the Netherlands, with a population of about 12,000.

George Washington University university in Washington, D.C.

The George Washington University is a private research university in Washington, D.C. It was chartered in 1821 by an act of the United States Congress.

Technical University of Berlin German university in Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin is a research university located in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 1879.

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<i>The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling</i> novel by Henry Fielding

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Graduate real estate education is the study of real estate development at the graduate school level. It has taken many forms, giving rise to various educational models in different countries. The decision for individuals pursuing higher education in this field often comes down to choosing between a traditional degree with a focus on real estate or an interdisciplinary, comprehensive degree focused wholly on real estate studies.

HVS Global Hospitality Services

HVS is a consulting firm based in Westbury, New York that specializes in providing services to the hospitality industry. As of 2015, HVS operated out of 35 offices located in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Mid-East. In addition to its original offerings of consulting and valuation services for the lodging industry, HVS today provides multiple hospitality services and specializations in areas such as executive recruitment, investment banking, hotel management, hotel asset management, operational and marketing consulting, litigation support, golf facilities, court appointed receivership services, convention centers, and sports, convention and entertainment facilities consulting. The privately held firm performs approximately 5,000 assignments throughout the world for hotel owners, operators, lenders and various institutions each year.

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