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Tom Henning Hovi

Tom Henning Hovi (born 15 January 1972 in Gjøvik) is a Norwegian former football who played as a left back in the club Vålerenga.


His former clubs are Skeid and Ham-Kam. He also had a short stay in Charlton Athletic in 1995.

He retired after the 2006 season. [1]

Career as a football player

(Last updated on 3 May 2007)

1992–1995 Flag of Norway.svg Ham-Kam 725
1995 Flag of England.svg Charlton 20
1996–1997 Flag of Norway.svg Skeid 495
1998–2006 Flag of Norway.svg Vålerenga 19710

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Hovi is a masculine given name and a surname. It may refer to:

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