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Thomas B. Krajewski (born April 2, 1977) is an American television writer and podcast producer/host. He is known for his work on YooHoo & Friends , Buddy Thunderstruck , Hello Kitty Stump Village and Action Dad and then as Tom “Super Volcano” Krajewski on the "Half Hour Happy Hour" podcast with Alison and Alex. [1]


Early life

In 1987 at the age of 10, Tom decided he wanted to act after seeing Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future . Tom's mother, Ann, suggested the Winchester Cooperative Theatre. Tom memorized the Gettysburg Address in order to audition for Willy Wonka and he won a small role. The following year, he was chosen to play the lead role of Pinocchio, at the same theater. Tom continued to audition for a number of roles including a young John F. Kennedy Jr. for a miniseries on the Kennedy family, and was offered the role.


Following graduation from Winchester High School, 1995, he attended Emerson College, receiving a [title of degree] in film, in 1999. He moved to Los Angeles, for an internship on "Talk Soup" and "The Anna Nicole Show." . He got a job at Paramount as a producer's assistant followed by a similar position at Nickelodeon. While at Nickelodeon, he began writing scripts for the Catscratch and The Fairly OddParents . [2]

Tom went on to work on Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (2010), Angelo Rules (2010), YooHoo & Friends (2012), Action Dad (2012), Breadwinners (2014), Buddy Thunderstruck (2017), The Ollie & Moon Show (2017), Space Chickens in Space (2018), and Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese (2019). [3]

In June of 2020, the new graphic novel Primer was published by DC Comics and cowritten by Tom and Jennifer Muro. [4]

Screenwriting credits


Note: Series head writer denoted in bold:


Since 2015, Tom has been a member of the "Half Hour Happy Hour" podcast, a weekly podcast.

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