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Tom Lenihan (19081990) was a well known Irish traditional singer from Milltown Malbay, County Clare, Ireland.


The house where Tom Lenihan has lived in Knockbrack, Milltown Malbay. Anno 2011 the house is renovated and extended. Lenihan.jpg
The house where Tom Lenihan has lived in Knockbrack, Milltown Malbay. Anno 2011 the house is renovated and extended.

Tom and Margaret Lenihan (born Vaughan) lived in a farmhouse in Knockbrack, a few miles outside Miltown Malbay. He was a farmer and the local butcher.

According to the sleevenotes of the CD Around the Hills of Clare: [1]

Tom had a very large repertoire and positive ideas about singing. He insisted that the story was most important aspect; the singer's involvement with the song was paramount. To him it was vital that the singer used speech pat-terns, made sense of the words, singing them as close as possible to the way one would speak; to fit the tune to the words, not to make the words fit the tune. One can appreciate why Tom had so many narrative songs in his repertoire; his attitude to singing is illustrated on the two tracks of speech.


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