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Tom Lundén (born March 16, 1950) is a Danish composer and music producer. Lunden was the leader and keyboardist of the flower power rock band Bifrost. [1] His two top hits with Bifrost were "Hej Maria" ("Hello, Maria") and "Det er morgen" ("It's Morning"). Lundén also wrote the 1976 protest song "I kan ikke slå os ihjel" (English: "You Cannot Kill Us") as an anthem for the hippie commune of Christiania. [2]

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Bifrost is a rock band from Denmark. The early band was considered one of the last of the Danish flower power revolution bands and is best known for the songs "Hej Maria" and "Det er morgen", both written and sung by keyboardist Tom Lundén. While leading Bifrost, Lundén also wrote the 1976 protest song "I kan ikke slå os ihjel" as an anthem for the revolutionary hippie commune of Christiania. Founded in 1974. The early band consisted of Tom Lundén, Ida Klemann, Finn Jensen, Torben Andersen, Asger Skjold-Rasmussen, Mogens Ficher and dancer and singer Annapurna. In 1977, Mikael Miller replaced Finn Jensen on guitar. In 1978, John Teglgaard joined the group as an additional guitarist. From 1976 to 1996, Bifrost released nine albums on the CBS and Mercury Records labels.

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Gustav Ørsøe Christensen is a Danish professional footballer who plays as a winger for Hertha BSC.


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