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BornThomas Stanford Lyle
(1953-11-02)November 2, 1953
Jacksonville, Florida
DiedNovember 19, 2019(2019-11-19) (aged 66)
Nationality American
Area(s)Writer, Penciller
Notable works
The Comet

Thomas Stanford Lyle (November 2, 1953 – November 19, 2019) [1] [2] was an American comics artist, best known for his work on Starman and Robin for DC Comics, and Spider-Man for Marvel Comics.



Tom Lyle's comics career began in the mid 1980s penciling titles such Airboy , Strike! , and Airwolf for Eclipse Comics. [3] From 1988 to 1990, he penciled DC Comics' Starman series with writer Roger Stern, [4] [3] introducing the second Blockbuster in Starman #9 (April 1989). [5]

Lyle worked on the first solo Robin limited series with writer Chuck Dixon. The series was reprinted a number of times, and led to two sequel miniseries – Robin II: Joker's Wild and Robin III: Cry of the Huntress – by the same creative team. [6] Dixon and Lyle also co-created the Electrocutioner in Detective Comics #644 (May 1992) [7] and Stephanie Brown in Detective Comics #647 (August 1992). [8]

Meanwhile, in 1991 he worked on The Comet for DC's Impact Comics imprint, which he pencilled and plotted, with writer Mark Waid contributing the scripts. [3]

In 1993, Lyle started working for Marvel Comics, as penciler of Spider-Man . He was one of the artists on the "Maximum Carnage" [9] and "Clone Saga" [10] storylines which ran through the Spider-Man titles, during which time he designed the original blue hoodie-and-red spandex costume worn by the Scarlet Spider, a clone of Spider-Man. [11] He also co-created the character Annex in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27 with writer Jack C. Harris. [12] Lyle penciled the three-issue miniseries Venom: Funeral Pyre , which co-starred the Punisher and introduced the villain Pyre.

Lyle's other work for Marvel included Punisher (third series; 1995) with writer John Ostrander from 1995 to 1997, a Warlock mini-series which he wrote himself in 1998, [3] and issues of Mutant X in 2000 and 2001.

He drew several issues of Star Wars for Dark Horse Comics in 2000. [3]

He was the artist on the 2004 series Chickasaw Adventures for the Chickasaw Nation. [13]

Between 2005 and his death in 2019, he taught sequential art at the Savannah College of Art and Design. [14]

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