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Tom Mandel was an American futurist. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. He dropped out of college twice and served in the United States Marine Corps in the Vietnam War for nine months in 1969. In 1972, he was the first graduate of the "Futures program" at the University of Hawaii. He then did some graduate work in cybernetics at San Jose State University and was hired as a futurist by SRI International in Menlo Park, California, in 1975.

Tom Mandel is an American poet whose work is often associated with the Language poets. He was born in Chicago and has lived in New York City, Paris and San Francisco. He now lives in Lewes, Delaware with his wife the poet and psychotherapist Beth Joselow.

Tommy Mandel is a keyboardist most notable for playing with Bryan Adams from 1981 to 1998, starting with Bryan Adams's album You Want It You Got It.

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Futurism is an artistic and social movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. Futures studies, also known as futurology, is the study of possible futures.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Italian poet and editor, founder of the Futurist movement

Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinetti was an Italian poet, editor, art theorist, and founder of the Futurist movement. He was associated with the utopian and Symbolist artistic and literary community Abbaye de Créteil between 1907 and 1908. Marinetti is best known as the author of the first Futurist Manifesto, which was written and published in 1909; and also of the Fascist Manifesto.

Futurism artistic and social movement

Futurism was an artistic and social movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. It emphasised speed, technology, youth, violence, and objects such as the car, the airplane, and the industrial city. Its key figures were the Italians Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà, Gino Severini, Giacomo Balla, and Luigi Russolo. It glorified modernity and aimed to liberate Italy from the weight of its past. Cubism contributed to the formation of Italian Futurism's artistic style. Important Futurist works included Marinetti's Manifesto of Futurism, Boccioni's sculpture Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, Balla's painting Abstract Speed + Sound, and Russolo's The Art of Noises.

Giacomo Balla Italian artist

Giacomo Balla was an Italian painter, art teacher and poet best known as a key proponent of Futurism. In his painting he depicted light, movement and speed.

The Language poets are an avant garde group or tendency in United States poetry that emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The poets included: Leslie Scalapino, Stephen Rodefer, Bruce Andrews, Charles Bernstein, Ron Silliman, Barrett Watten, Lyn Hejinian, Tom Mandel, Bob Perelman, Rae Armantrout, Alan Davies, Carla Harryman, Clark Coolidge, Hannah Weiner, Susan Howe, and Tina Darragh.

Howie Mandel Canadian stand-up comedian, television host and actor

Howard Michael Mandel is a Canadian comedian, actor and television host. He hosts the NBC game show Deal or No Deal, as well as the show's daytime and Canadian-English counterparts. In 1987, Mandel starred alongside Amy Steel in the comedy film Walk Like a Man. From 1982 to 1988 Mandel played rowdy ER intern Dr. Wayne Fiscus on the NBC medical drama St. Elsewhere. He also created and starred in the children's cartoon Bobby's World, and judges on NBC's America's Got Talent.

Ron Silliman poet

Ron Silliman is an American poet. He has written and edited over 30 books, and has had his poetry and criticism translated into 12 languages. He is often associated with language poetry. Between 1979 and 2004, Silliman wrote a single poem, The Alphabet. He has now begun writing a new poem, Universe, the first section of which appears to be called Revelator.

Futurist architecture architectural style

Futurist architecture is an early-20th century form of architecture born in Italy, characterized by strong chromaticism, long dynamic lines, suggesting speed, motion, urgency and lyricism: it was a part of Futurism, an artistic movement founded by the poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, who produced its first manifesto, the Manifesto of Futurism, in 1909. The movement attracted not only poets, musicians, and artists but also a number of architects. A cult of the Machine Age and even a glorification of war and violence were among the themes of the Futurists. The latter group included the architect Antonio Sant'Elia, who, though building little, translated the futurist vision into an urban form.

Mandel is a surname that occurs in multiple cultures and languages. It is a Dutch, German and Jewish surname, meaning "almond", from the Middle High German and Middle Dutch mandel. Mandel can be a locational surname, from places called Mandel, such as Mandel, Germany. Mandel may also be a Dutch surname, from the Middle Dutch mandele, meaning a number of sheaves of harvested wheat.

Russian Futurism movement of Russian poets and artists

Russian Futurism was a movement of Russian poets and artists who adopted the principles of Filippo Marinetti's "Manifesto of Futurism," which espoused the rejection of the past, and a celebration of speed, machinery, violence, youth and industry; it also advocated the modernization and cultural rejuvenation.

Eli Mandel was a Canadian poet, editor of many Canadian anthologies, and literary academic.

William Marx "Bill" Mandel was an American broadcast journalist, left-wing political activist, and author, best known as a Soviet affairs analyst. He was born in New York City.

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The Futurist may refer to:

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The 2012 United States Senate election in Ohio took place on November 6, 2012, concurrently with the 2012 U.S. presidential election as well as other elections to the United States Senate and House of Representatives and various state and local elections. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown won re-election to a second term. He was unopposed in the Democratic primary and Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel won the Republican primary with 63% of the vote.

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