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Tom Marshall
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Tom Marshall in 2001
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Origin Princeton, New Jersey
  • Musician
  • lyricist
  • podcast host
  • Keyboards
  • vocals
Years active1982–present
Member of Phish
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Tom Marshall is an American lyricist, keyboardist and singer-songwriter best known for his association with Trey Anastasio and the rock band Phish. [1] He has been the primary external lyricist for Phish during their career (1983–2004, 2009–present), with songwriting credits for more than 95 originals. In addition to his songwriting work, Marshall also fronted the rock band Amfibian and hosts the Phish podcast Under the Scales. [2] Marshall is the co-founder of Osiris, a podcast network in partnership with Jambase.


Personal life

Marshall attended Princeton Day School in New Jersey with Anastasio. The duo began writing songs together as early as the eighth grade (the reggae tune "Makisupa Policeman" is often regarded as the duo's first collaboration and the very first Phish original song).[ citation needed ] Other early collaborations include Bivouac Jaun , a project recorded by Marshall, Anastasio, and their friend Marc Daubert (who occasionally played percussion with Phish in 1984 and wrote the lyrics to their classic "The Curtain With"). Many of the pieces recorded on Bivouac Jaun appeared on The White Tape . Marshall also was instrumental in influencing The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday , a Phish concept album and song cycle about the mystical land of Gamehendge written by Anastasio and used as his senior thesis at Goddard College in 1987.

Marshall, Anastasio, and friends would meet at The Rhombus, a giant piece of art located in a park next to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, and embark on lengthy songwriting sessions. Many characters and locations mentioned in early Phish songs reference these songwriting sessions. In one instance, Marshall wrote the original lyrics to the Gamehendge song "McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters" and nailed them to Anastasio's front door. By 1985, Anastasio and Marshall had parted ways as Anastasio became more involved with Phish at the University of Vermont.

Years later in 1989, Marshall apparently heard Phish's Junta album and thought to himself, "these guys really need lyrics." Marshall and Anastasio reunited and began a long songwriting partnership that resulted in over 100 songs over the next fifteen years. Anastasio's 2005 solo album Shine marks the first time since the pre-Junta years that he has not worked with Marshall.

In addition to working closely with Anastasio, Marshall fronts his own band, Amfibian, currently on hiatus.

In the fall of 2010, Marshall collaborated with CT jam band The McLovins to co-write "Cohesive", recorded with Marshall and Anthony Krizan (of Spin Doctors fame) at Krizan's Sonic Boom studios. In mid-November 2010, Marshall joined his longtime friend Trey Anastasio on stage at the historic Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall Princeton University bringing them back to their roots.

Marshall has a wife named Lea-Lea, a daughter named Anna and a son named Brodie.

List of songs

This is an incomplete list of titles whose lyrics Tom Marshall has written or co-written. [3]

The Squirming CoilPhish Lawn Boy 1990
Lawn BoyPhish Lawn Boy 1990
Bouncing Around the RoomPhish Lawn Boy 1990
CavernPhish A Picture of Nectar 1992
StashPhish A Picture of Nectar 1992
Guelah PapyrusPhish A Picture of Nectar 1992
GlidePhish A Picture of Nectar 1992
Chalk Dust Torture Phish A Picture of Nectar 1992
RiftPhish Rift 1993
Fast Enough for You Phish Rift 1993
MazePhish Rift 1993
SparklePhish Rift 1993
HornPhish Rift 1993
The Wedge Phish Rift 1993
My Friend, My FriendPhish Rift 1993
It's IcePhish Rift 1993
The HorsePhish Rift 1993
Silent in the MorningPhish Rift 1993
Julius Phish Hoist 1994
Down with Disease Phish Hoist 1994
Axilla (Part II)Phish Hoist 1994
LifeboyPhish Hoist 1994
Sample in a Jar Phish Hoist 1994
Wolfman's BrotherPhish Hoist 1994
Dog Faced BoyPhish Hoist 1994
DemandPhish Hoist 1994
WilsonPhish A Live One 1995
FreePhish Billy Breathes 1996
Character ZeroPhish Billy Breathes 1996
WastePhish Billy Breathes 1996
TastePhish Billy Breathes 1996
TalkPhish Billy Breathes 1996
Theme from the BottomPhish Billy Breathes 1996
Swept AwayPhish Billy Breathes 1996
SteepPhish Billy Breathes 1996
Prince CaspianPhish Billy Breathes 1996
Ghost Phish The Story of the Ghost 1998
Birds of a Feather Phish The Story of the Ghost 1998
MeatPhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
GuyutePhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
FikusPhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
ShaftyPhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
Frankie SaysPhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
Brian and RobertPhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
Water in the SkyPhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
RoggaePhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
Wading in the Velvet SeaPhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
The Moma DancePhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
End of SessionPhish The Story of the Ghost 1998
NICUPhish Hampton Comes Alive 1999
Dogs Stole ThingsPhish Hampton Comes Alive 1999
Axilla IPhish Hampton Comes Alive 1999
FarmhousePhish Farmhouse 2000
TwistPhish Farmhouse 2000
BugPhish Farmhouse 2000
Back on the TrainPhish Farmhouse 2000
Heavy ThingsPhish Farmhouse 2000
DirtPhish Farmhouse 2000
PiperPhish Farmhouse 2000
SleepPhish Farmhouse 2000
SandPhish Farmhouse 2000
Makisupa PolicemanPhish Live Phish Volume 1 2001
Buffalo BillPhish Live Phish Volume 6 2001
I Am HydrogenPhish Live Phish Volume 6 2001
VulturesPhish Live Phish Volume 6 2001
Strange DesignPhish Live Phish Volume 12 2002
Sleeping MonkeyPhish Live Phish Volume 12 2002
Pebbles and MarblesPhish Round Room 2002
Anything But MePhish Round Room 2002
Mexican CousinPhish Round Room 2002
FridayPhish Round Room 2002
Seven BelowPhish Round Room 2002
46 DaysPhish Round Room 2002
All of These DreamsPhish Round Room 2002
Walls of the CavePhish Round Room 2002
ThunderheadPhish Round Room 2002
WavesPhish Round Room 2002
Scents and Subtle Sounds (Intro)Phish Undermind 2004
UndermindPhish Undermind 2004
The ConnectionPhish Undermind 2004
A Song I Heard the Ocean SingPhish Undermind 2004
Crowd ControlPhish Undermind 2004
NothingPhish Undermind 2004
Two Versions of MePhish Undermind 2004
Scents and Subtle SoundsPhish Undermind 2004
Secret SmilePhish Undermind 2004
GrindPhish Undermind 2004
McGrupp and the Watchful HosemastersPhish Colorado '88 2006
Backwards Down the Number LinePhish Joy 2009
Stealing Time from the Faulty PlanPhish Joy 2009
JoyPhish Joy 2009
OcelotPhish Joy 2009
Kill Devil FallsPhish Joy 2009
LightPhish Joy 2009
Twenty Years LaterPhish Joy 2009
Devotion to a DreamPhish Fuego 2014
WinterqueenPhish Fuego 2014
Sing MonicaPhish Fuego 2014
Blaze OnPhish Big Boat 2016
Running Out of TimePhish Big Boat 2016
No Men in No Man's LandPhish Big Boat 2016
SteamPhish Sigma Oasis 2020
MercuryPhish Sigma Oasis 2020


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