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Thomas & Maureen Fischer are the founders of Little Mary’s Hospitality House, which is one of the world’s only free vacation resort ministries for families with children battling life-threatening, debilitating, or terminal illness. The couple lives in Wellston, Michigan, which is also the site of the ministry venue they established in 1982.

Little Marys Hospitality House

Little Mary's Hospitality House is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit religious Christian ministry serving families with children battling life-threatening, terminal, and/or debilitating illnesses. It is located in Wellston, Michigan, between Manistee and Cadillac.

Terminal illness or end-stage disease is an incurable disease that cannot be adequately treated and is reasonably expected to result in the death of the patient. This term is more commonly used for progressive diseases such as cancer or advanced heart disease than for trauma. In popular use, it indicates a disease that will progress until death with near absolute certainty, regardless of treatment. A patient who has such an illness may be referred to as a terminal patient, terminally ill or simply terminal. There is no standardized life expectancy for a patient to be considered terminal, although it is generally months or less. Life expectancy for terminal patients is a rough estimate given by the physician based on previous data and does not always reflect true longevity. An illness which is lifelong but not fatal is a chronic condition.

Wellston, Michigan Census-designated place in Michigan, United States

Wellston is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Norman Township, Manistee County, Michigan, United States. Its population was 291 as of the 2010 census. The community is in the Manistee National Forest just south of M-55, about 20 miles east of Manistee and about 25 miles west of Cadillac. Wellston has a post office with ZIP code 49689.

The couple are past recipients of the Amway Good Neighbor award, presented to them for their work in ministry to critically ill children from all over the United States and as far away as Jamaica, the Netherlands, and Romania.

Amway American multi-level marketing company

Amway is an American multi-level marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products. The company was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos and is based in Ada, Michigan.

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A house of hospitality or hospitality house is an organization to provide shelter, and often food and clothing, to those who need it. Originally part of the Catholic Worker Movement, houses of hospitality have been run by other organizations, including organizations that are not Catholic or Christian. Founded on principals of Christian anarchism, the houses provide hospitality without charge and without requiring religious practice or attendance at services. A variety known as a hospital hospitality house is for families displaced due to medical issues of a family member, and is often located near a medical centre.

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John and Edna Truesdell Fischer Farmstead

The John and Edna Truesdell Fischer Farmstead is a private farm, including house and outbuildings, located at 4896-5228 Sheldon Road in Canton Township, Michigan. The 1897 Queen Anne farmhouse located on the site is also known as the Michael and Catherine Hasselbach Fischer House. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

Ephraim and Emma Woodworth Truesdell House

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