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Tomas Mazetti (born 1972), is a Swedish activist and inventor. He is the founder of the former creative agency Studio Total as well as the invention lab Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery and Wheelys Café. [1] [2] [3] He is, among other things, known for the Teddybear Airdrop Minsk 2012 where he flew over Belarus airspace, parachuting teddy bears with democratic messages. [4] [5]

Studio Total was a Swedish marketing and advertising agency in Stockholm and Malmö. They focused primarily on creative PR, such as guerrilla marketing, and have attracted much attention for several campaigns, both locally and globally. Their first assignment was for Riksteatern, for which the fictional political party "Kulturpartiet" became one of the most successful Swedish PR-campaigns in 2005. On the political theme, Studio Total also stirred up controversy in 2010, when Swedish feminist Gudrun Schyman burned 100,000 kronor in a protest against unequal pay. In 2012 Studio Total won a gold epica for worlds best PR.

Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery is a Scandinavian invention lab, founded in 2013 by Per Cromwell and Tomas Mazetti.

Teddybear Airdrop Minsk 2012 was an aerial event that took place over Belarus on July 4, 2012. An airplane, chartered by the Swedish advertising agency Studio Total, illegally entered the Belarusian airspace on July 4 and parachuted several hundred teddy bears with notes carrying pro-democracy messages. After denying for three weeks that the incident ever took place and calling the footage of the airdrop released by Studio Total a hoax, the Belarus government finally acknowledged on July 26, 2012, that the teddy bear airdrop did happen.

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