Tomek Kolczynski

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Tomek Kolczynski
Gdańsk, Poland
Genres Theatre music, Electronic music
Occupation(s) Record producer, Electronic music composer

Tomek Kolczynski, aka Kold, born 1973 in Gdańsk, Poland, is a Swiss musician, composer and sound designer.



Tomek Kolczynski studied audio design from 1997–2002 under Wolfgang Heiniger. He later studied free improvisation under Alfred Zimmerlin and Fred Frith from 2010– 2012 at the City of Basel Music Academy. 

During his studies, he produced Christian Zehnder's Popple Music album [1] (published by Sound Service Wigra in 2001). In 2005, he published the Igloo album together with Stimmhorn music group, produced in cooperation with Theater Basel. Since 2006 he has composed for various German-speaking theatres, amongst them are: Theater Basel, Munich Kammerspiele, Burgtheater in Vienna, and various others in Zurich and Hanover. Since 2006, he regularly produces music for Edgar Hagen's documentary films. In 2015, he composed music for Feist – a computer game by Florian Faller and Adrian Stutz (Bits & Beasts). Since 2013, he has been part of the BachSpace trio, together with pianist Tamar Halperin and violin player Etienne Abelin. Their debut album was published in September 2017 by the Berlin music label "Neue Meister". [2]

Tomek Kolczynski lives in Basel, where he also teaches at the Music Academy since 2003.

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Theater music live
Theater music compositions
Various Productions

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