Tomek Wilmowski

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Tomek Wilmowski
1. Tomek in the land of the kangaroos
2. Tomek on the Black Continent
3. Tomek on war path
4. Tomek traces Yeti
5. Tomek's secret expedition
6. Tomek among headhunters
7. Tomek at the source of Amazon
8. Tomek in Gran Chaco
9. Tomek in pharaohs' tombs
Author Alfred Szklarski
Genre adventure novel, young adult fiction
Published1957 - 1994
No. of books9

Tomek Wilmowski is a series of nine youth adventure novels written by Polish author Alfred Szklarski. The series was published from 1957 to 1994.

The title character, young traveler Tomek Wilmowski is the main protagonist of the novels. The books are stories about his adventures in different countries of the world. They are set in the beginning of 20th century. The other characters of the novels are Tomek's father Andrzej Wilmowski (geographer), sailor and comic relief of books Tadeusz Nowicki, mysterious traveller and animal hunter Jan Smuga, Australian friend and later Tomek's wife Sally Allan, his cousin Zbigniew Karski and his Russian wife Natasha. Tomek and his friends are Polish emigrants who must flee from the country under Russian occupation.

The books contain much geographical, historical, cultural and biological knowledge as well as humour and entertainment which is aimed at adolescents and young adults.

The series

1. Tomek in the land of the kangaroos (Tomek w krainie kangurów), 1957

2. Tomek on the Black Continent (Tomek na Czarnym Lądzie), 1958

3. Tomek on the warpath (Tomek na wojennej ścieżce), 1959

4. Tomek traces the Yeti (Tomek na tropach Yeti), 1961

5. Tomek's secret expedition (Tajemnicza wyprawa Tomka), 1963

6. Tomek among the headhunters (Tomek wśród łowców głów), 1965

7. Tomek at the source of the Amazon (Tomek u źródeł Amazonki), 1967

8. Tomek in Gran Chaco (Tomek w Gran Chaco), 1987

9. Tomek in the Pharaohs' tombs (Tomek w grobowcach faraonów), 1994

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