Tomfoolery (film)

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Directed by Willi Forst
Produced by Fritz Klotsch
Written by Jochen Huth
Willi Forst
Starring Renate Müller
Jenny Jugo
Anton Walbrook
Heinz Rühmann
Music by Peter Kreuder
Cinematography Werner Bohne
Theodore J. Pahle
Edited by Hans Wolff
Release date
12 June 1936
Running time
94 minutes
Language German

Tomfoolery (German: Allotria) is a 1936 German comedy film directed by Willi Forst and starring Renate Müller, Jenny Jugo and Anton Walbrook. [1] It premiered at the Gloria-Palast in Berlin on 12 June 1936. A pair of friends fall in love with the same woman, before realizing they are really in love with two other women. Racing to his romantic interest, one of the friends (Heinz Rühmann) takes by chance part in the Monaco Grand Prix.


Joseph Goebbels remarked: "Quite energetic and lively. But it's overdone and therefore not totally satisfying. Less would be more." (original: „Sehr flott und mit viel Tempo. Aber übertrieben an Effekten, und darum nicht ganz befriedigend. Weniger wäre mehr.“)


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